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I have been a YouTuber for 7 years, a singer and voice actor for 6 years. I have mostly done solo projects but have occasionally collaborated with other voice artists for narrations and fan projects. I have been known in particular to take part in fan projects surrounding the popular Five Nights at Freddy's and have reprised my role of Foxy the Pirate several times. Over the course of my voice performance, I have learned to train my voice to match whatever other male (and sometimes female) voice I hear. I'm a very auditory learner. I can register pretty low for voices reminiscent of evil British villains or gruffy detectives, but can also do some high ranges for more insane or zany characters. I even have a pretty good falsetto for a Mickey Mouse impression lol. But most voices I like to do are in the mid-range. Anything from a young adult to a coarse-sounding middle aged man. Those two in particular are what I try to go for in terms of original characters. Whichever you deem me best at has yet to be seen, but one thing is for sure. I am willing to dedicate the time and the effort to bring a character to life. And I'm opened to learning new things in my craft. 


You must show me material for the project you are working on so I know what I am helping you with. Do not just give me the basic idea of what you're doing. If you only have a rough outline, then show me past work you've done so I have a basic idea of the type of stuff you do. I don't want to fall into something I am mostly uninformed about. Be clear with what you want me to do and show me evidence that you are going through with it. If you don't do this, I will turn down your offer. If I do accept but find out you were not honest to me about what you were doing, I will abandon your project with an apology. Otherwise, I am more than happy to help out. There isn't too much that I won't do. Just be straightforward and respectful. I'm nice lol

Discord: David Kemp (MasterDK913)#0383

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    The range of different voices from him are very impressive!