I'm Lolk, the director and programmer of Danganronpa: Despair Revelation, currently also working on some of the sprites. To me, this is a fun project, which most of the time turns into a serious one, due to the time I spend on it! It's well-spent time I think, as I enjoy working on it :D

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About Lolk

I'm a first year med student, struggling to get a grasp on the new disciplines we're being taught (just like everyone else, mind you). Procrastinating, especially through coding is a specialty of mine, which I enjoy doing so much, I started a fangame dedicated to it!

You might be wondering... Is my pfp one of the characters? No! She's just a sorceress of a biology teacher that almost failed me because of personal reasons o.O. I just drew it as a small satirical, comical stress relief after that traumatic event but decided to stick with it cuz it turned out 'cute...ish'? Idk.