Whinot Toonish

Whinot Toonish

For years family, friends and complete strangers have said I need to go into voice acting. So here I am! instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/whinot_Got a project you want me to see? Discord is @WhinotToonish

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Hey-Hey! Whinot Toonish, at your disposal! Energetic, plenty of range both high, low and strange levels in between. Im motivated, energetic, I have writing experience and take pride in my work,

If youre checking out my profile and want to get in touch, message my Discord @WhinotToonish. Send me a friend request and ill get back to you


Depends on the project. Most everything is negotiable

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I joined CCC because i have a deep interest in voice acting. Ive been practicing on my own for years, and have always been told by friends, family, and strangers, that i have an amazing range and talent for voice over. Id love to make a career of this