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I've played a role titled "Lonely Otaku Gamer." Pretty accurate typecast | Instagram/TikTok @erikfreediifree | Actor - SAG Eligible
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, and Live Actor
Hello Hello! I'm an active actor in Los Angeles, CA where I do commercial work, film, and a theatrical stage production from time to time. I also have professional training in vocal music and improv. When I'm not out and about, I love gaming and streaming, play sessions of DnD, and enjoy trying different coffees, wines, and craft beers. Oh, and anime is kinda dope.Discord: erikfreediifree
Speaks: english
Someone once told me I have the perfect face for here I am!
I am a Voice Actor
Greetings! My name is Miles (aka HylianLad). I've been voice acting for fan dubs for a few years now but am open to all types of projects! Thanks for listening and any consideration!

Discord: HylianLadFYI: Great problem to have but I receive a TON of messages on here and I'm not able to check daily. Please don't take it personally if I don't get to yours or overlook it!
Speaks: english
I hate toy bonnie from fnaf 2
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, Music Composer, and Writer
Hello, I'm Wwolf and I'm a beginner VA! If my name is too hard to pronounce, you may call me Fritz or Omen, thanks.
Accents: british
Voice Description: child male teen neutral
I like cheese.
I am a Voice Actor
Creator of the "Bones & Ankha" series.YouTube: Daks

Voice Work Highlights:
Boneman - The LegendCRiTORA: Abnormal - Marley GeekipillarDawn and Mike - Melman/JudgeLEGO Spider-Man: Christmas Blues - J. Jonah Jameson
MoonMarsh Fantasy (series) - Bartender Pony
Sonic Unleashed: Departed (Animatic) - Narrator
War of the Wolves - Jolt
Comic Dubs:
The Rescuers - Chapter 3 - Unite As One - Terry
The Story of Jon & Liz (Garfield comic dub) - This Guy

Mario and the Dokis’ Mushroom Journey - Waluigi
Pac-Pix (DS) - Emilia Blue - News Article Voiceover
Speaks: english
Skills and Interests: eating cheese
YouTuber | Animator | Writer | And perhaps, your latest casting choice? 😎💪
I am a Voice Actor, Animator, Video Editor, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
How's it going? Allow me to introduce myself. I go by my brand name of "Spy Jay", and I'm a YouTuber with over 40k subscribers. In addition to that, I'm pretty versatile when it comes to my skills, so I primarily like to call myself a "creative". The most creative thing about me is that I'm an A/V guy & storyteller. I like to make videos, tell stories, & bring things to life that can have an impact on others in a positive/innovative way. 
When I was getting certified in things like Adobe Premiere Pro in high school, my instructor told us that when we get out there, they're going to want the person who can do the most. Like being a video editor, but one who can also animate & storyboard. This inspired me to enhance my capacity to explore other areas within my expertise, and one of those things happens to be voice acting! I played roles in my own series' when I was younge...
Speaks: english
Accents: american
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Musician by day and VA for fun
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male young adult
Skills and Interests: rapper
Inspiring voice actor, ready for any challenge. Discord - _hernando7860
I am a Voice Actor
I have many ranges in my voice. I've been told I have a scary yell, so I feel like I could pull a villain/antagonist off pretty well. I can mimic a few characters like Yoda, or Borat, but I'm prepared for any role. I always loved acting out stories as a kid, and I've always dreamt of being a popular character where people could hear my voice and immediately think: "that's a perfect match".available after 7PMET on weekdays
Speaks: english
Voice Description: Mid 20's Male
I enjoy a little bit of everything, always open to new and creative ideas! Here to fulfil my dreams of living to create
I am a Voice Actor, Artist, Video Editor, and Live Actor
I am an aspiring voice actress with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance! I have mainly done work in live theatre, which I adore, and I am ready to move into doing more voice focused work. I enjoy video games, absurdist art and literature, writing, and all things pink!I love collaborative work and helping others reach their creative goals, I'd love the chance to explore my creativity here!
Speaks: english
Amateur wanna be Voice Actor 
I am a Voice Actor and Video Editor
Hey I'm Raph, I wanted to try my hand at some voice acting and sharpen my skills :)
Speaks: english
Voice Actress | Vocalist | Content Creator | Streamer
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Music Composer
Dee has experience in video editing, large and small scale project direction, voice over and voice acting, music production, digital art, and creator marketing.
Dee is an active streamer and content creator on Twitch and YouTube with a growing following of loyal fans called the KyuuDees. For more of Dee, please see her platforms: