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I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Writer
Hi there! The name's Raekoid, but everyone calls me Rae :)I'm a New Zealand voice actor who has minimal experience with musicals and have VA'd for close friend's personal projects!I have a variety of different accents and voices I can do, most of which I pull out/make up on the spot!
Speaks: english
Checking off accents like they're on my shopping list! AEST (But also an insomiac!)
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Writer
I'm a teen voice actor based in Australia just looking to gather some experience and have fun with new projects. I have over 12 years of acting training (including a majority of them including voice training) and I enjoy developing characters and messages through my voice. If you wish to contact me, please message me here on CCC first!
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Live Actor
I have been interested in voice acting for quite some time now, and want to test out my skill and range in something new. I have preformed and sang on stage, been part of films, and messed around with different voices. I am excited to dive into the world of voice acting in hopes of finding a project where I can not only grow my skills but find a cool community too.
Speaks: english
Just a wee fellur
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, and Live Actor
Hey! I'm Finn. I'm a 17 year old aspiring (voice) actor from Nebraska. I have little experience but look forward to gaining it and learning! I am an amateur vocalist as well, I'm a baritoneI!
Accents: Irish, American (Midwest), American (Southern), German
My acting experience Highschool drama classes, 3 plays, personal acting projectsMy vocal experience Highschool show choir, highschool choir, vocal lessons, personal music projects
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male teen male young adult
Hello, my friend! Stay awhile and LISTEN!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Music Composer, Writer, Director, Producer, and Live Actor
A dapper fox about town!Discord: palegreyhare / sircrimsonfox
My favorite projects:Master Splinter - TMNT Comic Series DubMaster Wu - Ninjago Series DubBeauty's Father, The Merchant - Beauty and the Beast Audio DramaThe Master / Ood Xumis / Others - Doctor Who: The Lost Doctor Audio DramasEddie Brock / Daredevil / Deadpool - Spiderman Comic DubsJonathan Barker - Scrooge McDuck: Trapped in Castle Rollingstein Comic Book DubMovus Trein / Lucius - Twisted Wonderland Game DubNarrator : Country Mouse and City Mouse/Jack and the Beanstalk/Little Red Hen/Belling the Cat -  Enchanted Forest Audio TheaterProwl / Jazz / Ratchet / Tarn - Transformers InsurgenceMegatron and 9 others - Transformers Advanced Videogame DubDun / Bufkin / Papa Bear - Fables Comic DubTom Nook - Snow Arc Game Dub
Speaks: Taco
Voice Description: Taco
Classically trained actor with a passion for voice over!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hello! My name is Zachary (Zac) and I have been in love with performing for as long as I can remember! I am a classically trained actor with many screen and stage credits, but my main passion is voice over! I would absolutely love to be involved in your production. Whether it be an animation, film, video game, audiobook, advertisement, or more: nothing brings me more joy then using my voice to create art and entertainment for others. I look forward to working with you on your projects! Some of my work can be found on my backstage profile, which I will link below!
Speaks: english
A. N. T.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, Video Editor, Music Composer, Writer, and Live Actor
I’m a content creator on (mainly) YouTube and TikTok who sings, edits, plays Minecraft, and virtually does whatever I want for fun (and clout lol). My tag is Bontras Snide/ ledreslupos. I want to get more into voice acting/ actual acting and maybe even work on my writing career.
Speaks: english
Storywriter, storyteller, co-writer and voice actor of a diverse and undiscovered range.
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
A young voice actor who happens to do silly voices, but finally decided to put that vocal talent to use! Beyond just the silly voices, I’m very diverse and can deliver many different voices; from southern hospitality, English folly or anything in between, I will stand to the challenge. Want more emotions, drama, energy in my voice? Hand them over and I’ll come back with an Oscar-worthy performance!Need a co-writer, or have a story idea but can’t put it onto paper? I also fit that area! I love writing and creating heartfelt stories. I have an affinity for tragedy, violence, or other drama-related stories, simply because I find them more interesting and have an easier time writing them. I’m always open to supportive criticism and will hear you out if something is written in a way you don’t like; after all, this is your vision, not mine.
Speaks: english
Hello There! I'm an Actor/Voice Actor/Impressionist/Comedian/Singer!!!!!!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hello there! My name is Alan Castillo. I am an actor and voice actor who is part of A24 Films, L.A. Connection Comedy Theater with Director Kent Skov, and am now just looking to gain more representation here by helping with VO's!I also have an IMDbPro Profile and two profiles!I look forward to working with you soon!-Alan C. :pIMDbPro: Acting: Voice Acting:
Voice Description: androgynous
Cameron M
Voice-over Artist, Linguist, Impressionist, Accent Extraordinaire
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Cameron has spent his whole life entertaining those around him with voices, accents, and celebrity impressions, and he is excited to meet your voice talent needs for your next project, from commercial projects and audio books to more niche styles and voices.He is competent in performing in various accents in the English language, from a general American accent to accents from across the world (even non anglophone). His experience has also prepared him to perform in Russian language voice-overs.Equipment: RODE NT-USB+ microphone, Audacity on PC, TroyStudio Vocal Booth and Microphone Isolation ShieldAlong with his interest in voices and impressions, he has been an avid singer and musician, even delving into Mongolian throat singing. His love of linguistics inspired him to study languages and cultures in college and beyond, and he is happy to review scripts for grammatical issues and sug...
Welcome to my page! New to voice acting but eager to work and create connections. Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries! Thank you so much for considering me.
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Hello! I'm Jake, a dedicated and versatile voice actor with a passion for bringing characters and stories to life. I offer a wide range of vocal styles and tones to fit any project. My voice can adapt from energetic and youthful for animated characters to deep and authoritative for commercial narratives, ensuring a perfect match for your needs.
Speaks: english
Search all 6600 singer imitating accents profiles