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Discord: palegreyhare / sircrimsonfox

My favorite projects:

Master Splinter - TMNT Comic Series Dub

Master Wu - Ninjago Series Dub

Beauty's Father, The Merchant - Beauty and the Beast Audio Drama

The Master / Ood Xumis / Others - Doctor Who: The Lost Doctor Audio Dramas

Eddie Brock / Daredevil / Deadpool - Spiderman Comic Dubs

Jonathan Barker - Scrooge McDuck: Trapped in Castle Rollingstein Comic Book Dub

Movus Trein / Lucius - Twisted Wonderland Game Dub

Narrator : Country Mouse and City Mouse/Jack and the Beanstalk/Little Red Hen/Belling the Cat -  Enchanted Forest Audio Theater

Prowl / Jazz / Ratchet / Tarn - Transformers Insurgence

Megatron and 9 others - Transformers Advanced Videogame Dub

Dun / Bufkin / Papa Bear - Fables Comic Dub

Tom Nook - Snow Arc Game Dub

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  • @Peteruspka

    An extremely talented actor who always gives the performance his all and works very efficiently and quickly. Definitely a top tier voice actor.

  • @dragon-slayer3000

    Crimson Fox is one of the nicest guys on ccc I have ever met, along with being one of the most talented VA on here. In the project he voiced a version of the Marvel character Eddie Brock that was older and retired man taking care of his son. He portrayed the character so well! Each and every line he delivered felt like a worn out man who has been through it all, with a little bit of guilt and emptiness in him. It's all I wanted for this character. Again Crimson Fox did an outstanding job with the project, the man is an absolute LEGEND! 

    The Project:

  • @whi_24

    Submits high quality work, works exceptionally hard on trying to get things right and literally does not stop until he has got it just perfect. The best thing is he is so reliable and puts so much care into his work! Not only that, he is extremely approachable, so much fun to chat with!
    Totally recommend working with Crimson! Thanks a lot! Hope to work with you in the future!

  • @jsaking11

    A funny man with a knack for voicing dark and brooding characters. If you need a voice that oozes with darkness and charm with the likes of Alan Rickman, CrimsonFox is your man. 

  • @lionhall

    One of my favorite Vas ever. He absolutely oozes talent with every line he performs. He can do amazing improve just as well as what you give him on script. If you want quick scripts back fast he is amazing at that. Also really kind and worth hiring!