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About Finn

Hey! I'm Finn. I'm a 17 year old aspiring (voice) actor from Nebraska. I have little experience but look forward to gaining it and learning! I am an amateur vocalist as well, I'm a baritoneI!

Accents: Irish, American (Midwest), American (Southern), German

My acting experience Highschool drama classes, 3 plays, personal acting projects

My vocal experience Highschool show choir, highschool choir, vocal lessons, personal music projects



Flexible! Willing to do free work.

What Finn is looking for

I'm looking to voice act for animated serieses, games, or really anything!

I hope to gain experience in doing this!

  • @zombiegutters

    We've worked on a few projects together, mainly art, games, songs, etc. I've listened to him voice things and I think he'd be great for pretty much almost any project voice wise. He's got lots of accents he do, and if at all needed, he can do a few out-of-the-box voices, like a smoker grandma.