Checking off accents like they're on my shopping list! AEST (But also an insomiac!)

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About Emaree_VA

I'm a teen voice actor based in Australia just looking to gather some experience and have fun with new projects. I have over 12 years of acting training (including a majority of them including voice training) and I enjoy developing characters and messages through my voice. If you wish to contact me, please message me here on CCC first!


Please contact me with the terms of your project and we can figure out an appropriate price regarding the work. My base rate is 25c per word.

What Emaree_VA is looking for

I really love character voicing! My skills in performing have always been through my voice so I only wish to develop that skill and see all your projects come to life.

  • @joaquito

    I recently contacted Emaree for a project and I am more than happy with the result! Her portrayal was very good for the character and on a professional level, as well as being very positive all the time and very kind. I definitely recommend her!

  • @marlon-umekage

    We are both voice actors for The Future Diary: Another Abridged Series by Exiled Productions, and while her character hasn't been featured as prominently as mine thus far, her actual raw skill and talent far outshines anything I'm currently capable of

  • @avoidtheshaft

    I contacted Emaree for a project of mine because I felt she was perfect for the role. She was great to work with and gave and knocked it out of the park with her performance!