Storywriter, storyteller, co-writer and voice actor of a diverse and undiscovered range.

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About Con

A young voice actor who happens to do silly voices, but finally decided to put that vocal talent to use! Beyond just the silly voices, I’m very diverse and can deliver many different voices; from southern hospitality, English folly or anything in between, I will stand to the challenge. Want more emotions, drama, energy in my voice? Hand them over and I’ll come back with an Oscar-worthy performance!

Need a co-writer, or have a story idea but can’t put it onto paper? I also fit that area! I love writing and creating heartfelt stories. I have an affinity for tragedy, violence, or other drama-related stories, simply because I find them more interesting and have an easier time writing them. I’m always open to supportive criticism and will hear you out if something is written in a way you don’t like; after all, this is your vision, not mine.


None, this is all purely for fun and experience.

What Con is looking for

I’m looking to expand my talent of storytelling and writing, and am willing to work on whatever project peaks my interest.