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Hello there! Name's and I am a voice actress and singer on many projects on fandoms. Feel free to contact me on anything, no need to be shy!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Hello! The name is, nicknamed Rain to all. I am an 18-year-old voice actress and vocalist around my area online, and I provide my voice for an excess of my favorite fandoms and other works. I started voice acting even before I uploaded voice works on YouTube. I've worked in the music and theater arts industry since I was young and wanted to become an outstanding musician and actress.During my days here, I had been acting on many projects on the franchises I loved throughout these years- from Aggretsuko to Zim!I'll often be around to assist with anything you wish to ask me, I can't wait to work on your next project! :)

Known for voicing Charlie Magne/Morningstar, Vaggie, Verosika Mayday, Retsuko, Frisk and Chara, Rosalina, Peach, Daisy, Monaca Towa, Kirumi Tojo, Ai Hoshino, Mari/Something, Mafuyu Asahina, Lucina, Celica, Edelgard von Hresvelg, Alice Angel, Bernadetta ...
Just a small time VA and casting director
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Director, and Live Actor
Hi, I'm Del aka Something New Gal, I'm an amateur VA and casting director currently for life-merge!I enjoy doing fan projects mostly but original projects are fun too!I voice acted in a small fan version of FNAF incorrect quoted as Glamrock ChicaI also had a brief stint as Broadway Homestuck's broadway-nepeta before switching over to playing as Rose
Speaks: english
Accents: monotone
If you are asked a question you know not the answer to, simply make it known so. I'm sure you wish not to Dishonor your credibility
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hey! I'm Wrio, I've been doing VO work as a side job for around 6 years, and have ample experience in any setting, be that loud hateful yelling, heart wrenched cries, or psychotic driven madmen. I'm sure I can be of help somewhere in your project. On top of the VO experience, I also have experience in writing and singing! If you need any thing of the sort, hesitate not to contact me.
Speaks: english
Aspiring voice actor, photographer, & audio producer. Voice is a bit deep for an 18yr woman, but I do my best to give my greatest impression! Fan of video games & and many anime; @urban_churro - Business IG; THE Legendary Pancake - YT; Disocrd:(linked); Email/Text: Upon Request Only
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Live Actor
PLEASE TAKE THE FOLLOWING IN " • " INTO ACCOUNT:I'm 19 years old. (02/18)I use a ZealSound K66 mic with a soundproof shield & pop filter kit (all of this is portable; mic comes with a type-C AND iPhone jack, should you want me to record on my phone and not my computer)Mic has an echo volume should the need for it arrive.I use soundtrap as my audio editing software (whatever isn't premium anyway). I have audacity as well for both recording and editing!I am not easily offended and am quite a Cornball/goober by default (being serious is not an issue however.)I will NOT voice overly sexual content (flirting, jokes, etc are fine).(my voice is deep with a slightly noticeable rasp, somewhere between male and female, a mix of both, or mid-low to low. Think of EVE, Kenshi Yonezu, TOOBOE, Yoh Kamiyama, Ado, and Keina Suda, Japanese music artists. My range is a mix of their voices (since I h...
Voice Description: child Demon female adult female child female teen female young adult male adult male child male senior male teen male young adult monster Abusive Acceptance adult afraid aged aggressive Aleks Le (Offical VA) androgynous Angry anime annoyed Authority Barbie basically bitter Blunt bold booming bratty Bubbly calm child Childish Chilling clear Closed Off Cold Collected comical Concerned Confused Coward Crybaby deep Defensive Demanding Demonic Denial deranged Determined Dismissive dull Elegant Empowered Empowering Encouraging Exasperated exhausted Fairy-like fandub fatherly fear fearful female Feminine firey Flashy Following forgetful Gentle Gentleman Grandpa growls harsh Hatred High high pitch Highschooler Humble Intimidating Irritated joking Judging kind Light growl lighthearted Logical loud Low low tone Lurking Male maniac Mature Mature/Immature Medium medium high Medium-High Medium High Low Medium High Pitch medium-low Medium low Medium Pitch Medium to Low mid-deep mocking Monotone Monstrous motherly neutral nostalgia nostalgic Old Open-Minded Optimistic paranoid Passionate pessimistic petite Pity Pitying Plea Pleased quiet Rasp raspy Raspy-ish Regret Regretful Remembering resentful Respect Respectful Roaring Rough Sad Scary Screaming screeching Self-Aware Semi-Adult semi-deep Semi-Loud Shaky Sinsiter Slow Sly smart Snapped Soft softspoken song soothing Sorrow Spectator straightforward Strict suspicious tactical teen Terrified threatening timid translations Trickster twisted Twisted and wicked Twisted excitement Twisted Joy Unhinged Unwavering Upset Wailing warm Warm Fuzzy Warn welcoming whiny Whisper Witty Worried Yelling young young adult
Search all 5953 singer aggressive profiles