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Hello there! Name's and I am a voice actress and singer on many projects. Feel free to contact me on anything, no need to be shy!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Video Editor, Audio Engineer, Writer, Director, and Live Actor
Hello! The name is, nicknamed Rain to all. I am an 18-year-old voice actress and vocalist around my area online, and I provide my voice for an excess of my favorite fandoms and other works. I started voice acting even before I uploaded voice works on YouTube. I've worked in the music and theater arts industry since I was young and wanted to become an outstanding musician and actress.During my days here, I had been acting on many projects on the franchises I loved throughout these years- from Aggretsuko to Zim!I'll often be around to assist with anything you wish to ask me, I can't wait to work on your next project! :)

Known for voicing Charlie Magne/Morningstar, Vaggie, Verosika Mayday, Retsuko, Frisk and Chara, Rosalina, Peach, Daisy, Monaca Towa, Kirumi Tojo, Ai Hoshino, Mari/Something, Mafuyu Asahina, Lucina, Celica, Edelgard von Hresvelg, Alice Angel, Bernadetta ...
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Writer
What's popping people. I'm Brokadilla. Just call me Brok. 
I'm an extremely new face when it comes to voice acting but in a sense, I've done it for a bit. I spent most of my life imitating voices and just generally being a Wildman in high school when it came to acting up and acting out. ( Not in the bad way, I mean like just making a fool of myself for entertainment purpose. I was typically quiet and by myself for the most part. ) 

I'm looking to further myself into the field of voice work by seeking out projects and ways to practice and have more experience. 

I have a CO1U PPRO Samson USB mic and I use Audacity. ( Fairly amateur but I'm getting it. ) I have a range of normal sound, varying emotion and L O U D. I can typically just make funny voices and accents as I roll but I will try to keep to script when it comes to set voices needed, or provide my take if it flie...
Speaks: english
Voice Description: male young adult
Beginner voice actor that loves to be among teams and bring projects to life! I will help with your projects as much as I can! Easy to work with, timely, and always values direction/advice. Let's create something amazing together! I may one day go professional!
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
My name is Brandon. I'm new to voice acting. I have a medium-low voice and can sound calm, sarcastic, evil, demanding, sad, monotone, and soft. I have a slight Latino and American accent. I want to do what you need in having me voice act for your characters. I am very ambitious when it comes to helping other people's projects. And voice acting is fun!

Bonus: I love Splatoon animations/projects if you need me to help (mostly voice acting) Tag me on your open projects.

I'm willing to collaborate with anyone who needs help with projects, if you have any questions, want to get to know each other, please feel free to let me know I am down for anything. (Animations, video games, voice overs, etc).

I am always looking to improve.

Main Skills right now:
Voice Actor

Mic: RØDE NT1 Signature Series
Audio Interface: MOTU M4
Headset: beyerd...
Speaks: english
Search all 3786 singer sad profiles