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About Cackles the Chaotic Cabbit

HI!! HOWDY!! HELLO!!! my name's Cackles (or I also go by my IRL name, "Naomi"), and I love making some artwork related to the multifandom + OC content...and yes, i wanted to make some good projects for doing some collaborations with my friends around me!!

My content is 16+, and can sometimes be 18+... It contains a lot of swearing, blood/gore, some adult-related topics, and some other things with some sensitive content for my artwork + voice acting. Plus, there will be NO MINORS + LITTLE KIDS ALLOWED in my profile!!

What Cackles the Chaotic Cabbit is looking for

I joined in Casting Call Club, because i wanna work on some of my own projects like Elly's Virtual World of Imagination, Sonic.EXE: Tales of an Entity, and some other things that are involved some of my voice acting and animations. I also like to do some collaborations while i'm looking for the best projects from a few nice people (like one of my best friends: @j0hn_the_cat), and I want someone to collaborate with me while i'm working on my projects on my own to see if they would do some roles as well!

Just wanna let you know that I'm an artist, an animator, a game developer, and voice actress who gets to create stuff with some of the best creativity + inspiration that would BLOW YA MIND!! anyways... Please keep that in mind, if ya wanna participate on picking the roles of voice acting and other things that you work on for my projects, i'd be happy to check on you to see if ya'll willing to do that for me!