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I've been on this website for quite some time not. When I first started I was working on a Halo Machinima which didn't go so well, I had to cancel it due to the lack of body actors. During November of 2016; I began working on recreating The Shadow Radio Program with new voices, Since then, I have directed and produced the episodes by myself while voicing the main character Lamont Cranston, alson known as The Shadow for all the latest episodes.


I hope to continue this series with the Amazing Help from the Voice Actors and Actress' here on this website! 

And once finished with this Recreation Series, I will be working on yet another Series regarding The Shadow!

  • @karlawson

    I played a role in a Fan-Dub a few months ago, and it was a very positive experience, From the casting, to the responses, very proffessional. Not to mention the time and dedication necessary to produce the final version, which are available on youtube. All in all, very good work, as well as a good voice talent as well. A+ would definately work with them again.

  • @arlen-chitty

    I was cast as Dham, the servant character in The Shadow - The Curse of the Great Nirvan (Radio Recreation). I enjoyed the role immensely and also working with Spenser who was extremely professional. He is a prolific producer of many radio adaptations and I recommend him for his excellent work ethic.

  • @lechet

    I was cast in an episode of The Shadow by Spencer! He was amazing to work with and very easy to talk to. I would recommend working with him to any voice actor.

  • @fussbudgetjr

    As a fan of the original "The Shadow!" radio series, I was thrilled to discover Spencer's ongoing re-creation projects. I've worked with him since Season One and like to think of myself as part of his ensemble. I've voiced victim, witness, extra, young, old and in-between - and I've enjoyed every one of the 10 episodes (and counting) we've done together. Spencer knows what he needs, trusts his talent, and puts out a product every bit as good as the original professional radio series from the golden age of radio.

  • @skullface

    I've worked on 2 or 3 episodes (I can't keep count TBH haha.) Spencer has shown time and time again he knows what he's doing. If he doesn't like my take on a line or if I didn't get the right emotion for a scene, he lets me know. I appreciate his aptitude as a voice actor as well, he's shown in the Shadow series he has some acting chops.

  • @hedge-t-haiden

    Spencer is an excellent director! He has cast me in two episodes of The Shadow so far, and knows exactly whom is right for what part. He also has a brilliant knowledge of emotion and directs with passion.
    He wants the episodes to be as authentic sounding as possible, and his directing perfectly encompasses that.
    Overall, Spencer is an amazing director, and someone that I would be glad to work for again.

  • @cashlinsnow

    Spencer cast me for Varita in The Shadow S4E8 - The Mine Hunters! This was such a pleasure. I've been an OTR fan and faithful listener of numerous shows for years, including The Shadow. Spencer's professional, his production skills are polished, and the finished piece was impressive! He also has some very solid acting talent! Recommended in any regard he has to offer, whether acting or producing.