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Siege YT

Your average live2d animator, amateur voice actress, and semi-professional singer.

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About Siege YT

Hi! I'm Siege YT, I mainly go by Siege, CJ, or Syt. I am a Content Creator on YouTube who mostly makes Gacha Animations. I currently have more than 100,000 subscribers and more than 10 million total views on the platform. My goal is to keep people entertained and happy through my creations, to share my knowledge and help the youth on developing their skills, and to make the community a better place than it is now. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day. Stay amazing!~

PFP By KittyPop Time on YouTube

You can reach out to me via:
Youtube: Siege YT
Discord: SYTBusiness#1980
Instagram: @siegeyt.insta
Twitter: SiegeYT_
Email (gmail): businesswithsiegeyt2


$1.00 per line (Voice Acting)
$0.15 per word (Voice Acting)

Prices can be negotiated. There are cases where I would audition for your project in my own accord depending on the concept of the project, originality, or amount of exposure I could get.


What Siege YT is looking for

I will possibly take part in any project that piques my interest. Whether it would be roleplay, commercial, machinima, or animation, I'd love to be a part of it :D



  • @lublypurple

    Her voice is grr. (grr = compliment)

  • @darling-donutcat

    Siege is an amazing VA and director. You need to definitely audition for anything she makes. She is amazing in everything she does 💕💕

  • @hypingmaster

    Siege is an Amazing person, VA and Director. she would keep pushing herself to finish her projects and helps the VA's make there lines better with emotions and more.

  • @oreotime

    I am very pleased to write a recommendation for SiegeYT! I would highly recommend her as your VA! :)

    I have known Siege for only about 2 months after meeting her by buying her PSD commission (highly recommend btw) and after which I asked her to voice in a mini series in my channel. She delivers in perfect quality in great time and awesome emotion! Her voice really fits the character and I'm so glad to get to know her as a person as well! 
    Siege will bring your character to life and truly help set the stage for your next project. She does everything she can to boost morale and make the project turn out great!
    Which, might I add, she does while also having time for her own series, if you haven't watched it yet, please do omg it's beautiful (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  

    In conclusion! If SiegeYT auditions for your project or you are in need of a brilliant voice actress, at the very least consider casting her! You won't regret adding her to your team! 💛

  • @diarosee

    Siege has a wonderful voice, and so does the emotion in her lines! I recommend hiring her as a VA; don't pass up an opportunity to include Siege in your project if she did audition for it! I asked Siege to voice a character in my project, and her voice is absolutely incredible! She can be very busy with her own project (A Memory's Recipe), but I'm grateful that she has time to work with others and as well voice in my upcoming Gacha Movie, The Sirens' Lost Heir. It was nice working with Siege! 

  • @kitsunirayx

    Siege is so hardworking and talented I don't have enough words to describe how wonderful she is. Everything she does is with so much passion and effort. An amazing animator, director, artist, singer and voice actor, she is just the full package ! She is also so sweet and funny to talk to plus her voice is sooo pretty, especially when she is singing ! I can guarantee Siege will excel wherever she goes and whatever she does. Don't hesitate and cast her !! <3 

  • @Flowers_from_Daisy_Studios

    It was fun working with her^^ I loved how she had delivered her lines, and I would love to work with her again on future projects^^

  • @Johncamarillova

    Siege was the epitome of what every voice actor looks for in a director. Clear vision, strong understanding of character development, and the ability to convey thoughts and notes with clear direction. Siege will succeed at anything they put their mind two and its a privilege to be a small part of all they will go on to accomplish! Thank you Sieige for being who you are and creating a safe professional environment to create! I truly hope to work with you again!

  • @gracetheva

    When I say Siege is FREAKING talented, I mean it. She is a wonderful director, voice actress, artist, you name it! I believe she has so much potential for becoming even more successful in the future. Even though I'm an extra voice actress in her series, she makes all of us voice actors feel important as if we were voicing the main characters. When I interact with Siege, she is so professional but also filled with such kindness, joy and passion for whatever she does. If she has any other projects coming out, I will not hesitate to audition and work with her again. PLEASE contact her if you want her services, because she is filled with talent and you don't want to miss out on them.

    - GraceVA