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Hi everyone,

My name is Alec, but I also go by J.J. Reigns or Minnexas. I am an amateur voice actor, Vtuber Streamer, and soon-to-be published writer! I am looking to build my portfolio whether it be paid or for fun! 

I have taken few voice acting classes locally and a few online!

I have been featured in YouTube projects such as, Dragon Ball Super: Broken Future Ties as Gohan, Gohan Black, and Ingolf, Dragon Ball: Dimensions as Gohan Black and Merno, inlcuding sound engineering and editing it (my biggest project to date), and Killing World Manga Trailer as Raiku. I've also featured as a supporting cast member and worked my way up to main cast on RaymonarPictures projects such as, Newcrest, Abnormal, and Predator. I have also performed on a handful of fanmade and original manga voices. 

I work fulltime as a nightshift Production Control Specialist for a big company, but I always have time to work on my dream as creative entertainment performer! 

P.S. My first book is currently in the editing process and will be published in 2024!

  • @marianne-salems

    This person is talented with what they do. I would 100% suggest giving them a role. You won't be disappointed!

  • @tagorigins

    I casted Minnexas for a really small project I was doing, but even so, he treated it very professionally! His response time was very quick as well, which is the highlight of him. He got his lines to me amazingly quick, and they sounded good all the same! Definitely cast this guy if you can. 

  • @ss-va

    As a producer, Alec was very organized, professional, and friendly. He provided frequent updates during the project and maintained a positive attitude throughout. I would certainly work with him again in the future!

  • @Its_Rick

    A professional project-owner with clear instructions and prompt response. Orderly and timely, JJ is a treat for anyone to work not just under, but with.