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About Rishi Katz

 I have spent most of my life working on a variety of creative enterprises, but until I found voice acting I haven't gotten to use any of my theater education. Collaborating has always been my favorite way to create, and bringing characters to life is a special passion.

I have a naturally low voice but I can flex that quite a bit, and a history of silly voices and accents gives me a pretty good feel for how to modulate my voice in any number of directions. Light and breathy or deep and soothing. Creepy sorceress or princess or girl-next-door, or weird cartoon thing that lives under the sink. I mostly do audiobooks right now but I want to branch into more fun stuff. Let's make some art!!!

  • @renarahawke

    Rishi was an absolute joy to work with! and did wonderfully as Yrene Towers in The Assasin's Blade Audiobook.
    She takes direction very well and is always inquisitive in wanting to understand her character fully. She was able to work flexibly with my deadlines and was a really reliable and vital part of the project.
    Her acting chops are one to look out for and she was fantastic when it came to supplying foley adlibs, helping to bring the audiobook to life.

    I would 100% recommend her for any project long or short, with her on your team can't go wrong.