thisisanacc (catcatkatcat)

thisisanacc (catcatkatcat)

She/her -- Writer, actor, director

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About thisisanacc (catcatkatcat)

My name is Sky but I also go by Monika!
I have three discord accounts (but one is a backup).

  • For any projects, contact me on: catcatkatcat.

  • For anything urgent, contact me on @spxranza.

Things I can do:

  • voice acting (main)

  • scriptwriting (main)

  • writing lyrics

  • storywriting / plot writing

  • finding voice actors

  • directing

  • editing (not for hire)

I really wouldn't mind being in any project so feel free to contact me at any time! I hardly turn down requests.
Thanks for reading!


I usually work for free.

What thisisanacc (catcatkatcat) is looking for

I don't mind working on any projects.

I don't do NSFW projects.

  • @rosesva

    Oh gosh, I don't know how she doesn't have any reccomendations. Her voice is really pretty, I get happy whenever I see her auditioning for a project because she's really good at it. I'm VA on a project we're both working on and that makes me happy because, while we haven't talked much, she's pretty cool to VA with. She's also cast for a project I made (on my old account) And she's just really cool all around!

  • @kunduzii

    She is a very talented director and voice actor. She was easy to work with, the episode turned out great, plus she's also a great VA too! 10 out of 10!

  • @dcooper

    Monika her voice for Jhi in my project really suits the character. she really brings out the Sass in the character. She a great friend to work with aswell and has a lot of potential in being a professional voice actor.

  • @deleted478870

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! I recommend them for voice acting

  • @kitkat1333

    This person is awesome! She does sooo many voices for one Gacha voice movie. Audio quality is awesome, and voice is amazing! This girl is da best!

  • @stillthinkingu-u

    I should've said this earlier, but like seriously, I haven't been congratulating her often nowadays :( [I feel terrible), but I have to say, when I watched my voice on her videos, I remember she was a good and awesome director to me, and her videos are awesome! She is also good for voice acting too </3 thanks for having me in your project!


  • @deleted609346

    we're in a project together and I'm just so happy to have her as a peer shes really nice I know I said this but she is a really great person

  • @luci_lemon

    Sky is really nice! Her voice is so pretty! 10/10!! I loved working with her :D

  • @rakeish

    DEFINITELY SOMEBODY WORTH CASTING!! One, her voice acting? AMAZING. Two, funny and nice to work with? Absolutely. Definitely take her into consideration! <3

  • @gfsm2003

    She is Known for Voicing Gummy from Golden's First Movie. She did it great job voicing her!

  • @lov_elyana

    Sky is an incredible voice actor. I loved working with her. I 100% recommend her for your projects.

  • @Gabs_Is_dumb_69

    Sky is a really nice person and is good at voice acting. She has voice acted in a project I'm making and she is amazing at what she does.