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Video Editing 101
Our video editing course is here! Whether you want to improve hobby videos on Youtube or take the first step towards becoming a documentary filmmaker, this course will set you up with the knowledge and technical skills to continue exploring.

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About Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country DLC Trailer (English Dub)

What's going on everyone!  I am SheynTime, and I'm glad to announce the beginning of a new project I will be working on!  E3 has brought a ton of exciting news regarding new gaming content.  Being the Xenoblade lover that I am, the announcement of the new XC2 Torna DLC was a big moment for me.  Just like the original game trailers, they are voiced in Japanese.  In the past, one of my Xenoblade VA buddies created a casting call designed to have those trailers dubbed in English before the game's release in December.  I plan on doing a similar thing, except with the new Torna trailer of course!  I see it as a perfect opportunity to get some fans of the series together to show their love for the game, and also hype up the viewers for this crazy DLC's release at the end of the summer!


Now it's time for a bunch of important information and rules regarding this project

  • Many of the characters in this trailer have voices that have never been heard before in the game, so do your best trying to conceptualize how they would sound.  I will help guide you through this by providing how I think the character would sound and how I perceived their character to act.  You could also try something else entirely if that's what you want, be creative!  The choice is yours

  • If you plan to audition, please record with the highest quality microphone available and in the quietest place possible,  Granted there will be music and sound over the voices, I want to assure that the audio is as pristine as it can be!

  • There is a high chance that I will be taking the role of Malos for myself, as I think I do a decent impression and I love his character.  However, I will be opening the role just in case someone sends in a head canon audition that kicks my ass.

  • This project will likely be organized over Skype or Discord, so if you get casted, make sure you have one of those!  I am a huge believer in forming a group with all of the casted members, but considering this is such a small scale, quick production, I'm not sure if I'll be making one or not.

  • I am not sure how long it will take to get everyone together, record and edit this project, so please don't get impatient on me if I take a bit longer than expected to make this happen.  We all live busy lives and not everything is ready as soon as everyone wants, but I will try to put it together as fast as I can

  • Since I do not know which voice is which in Japanese, I will kind of be assuming who says which lines to the best of my ability.  Hopefully I can get a majority of them right, haha.

  • Re-watching the trailer to see the tone in which the characters say the lines will be very useful in creating your audition.  Emotion is the most important element in voice acting, don't forget (me) it!

  • Don't forget to have fun!  Xenoblade is my favorite series of all time and I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't going to have fun doing it!

I am thrilled to see auditions for this project and hope y'all bring your best!  If you have any questions, please ask me in the comments!  Have fun and good luck!  Pce!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold
New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.

New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.