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About Wizardess Heart- Project Tower of Sorrow

Please read all the information below before auditioning, etc!

What is this project?
Project Tower of Sorrow is dubbing the first three routes of NTT Solmare's Wizardess Heart! The game has no voice acting throughout the entire thing, and I thought it'd be fun to play around with the amazing stories.

This is our open Discord. Be sure to join it!

How long will it be? Will there be a lot of lines?
For sure, it'll be quite a long project. Even doing one route may be a bit too much work for someone. I would like to space it out a bit, do each route chapter by chapter. There is a lot of content to get through so it would be nice to record one chapter a month at least, but we have to do all three routes at the same time since taking three years to complete this project is a bit too much. If you audition for any of the leads YOU WILL HAVE A LOT OF LINES. Please be devoted to this project if you are going to audition, I'm not joking here. It'll be a long and demanding project.

What about the other routes available in the game? Will you be dubbing those?
It'll all depend on the success of this one, as well as how the cast has been working on this one. I would really love to cover the other routes as well, but it might be trouble unless the current people aboard the project are setting a good example.

Do I have to know anything about the game?
No, but if you do know a thing or so then that would be great! The series isn't very popular unless you're more of a mobile gamer and a otome gamer. I don't expect people to know much about this series, but I hope that if you plan to audition anyway, you'll gain a little bit of interest in the series.

What are the requirements for auditioning?
  1. 1. Please have a good mic. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to get something expensive, but I want the audio quality to be relatively similar for each character to make the editor's life a little easier.
  2. 2. Have Discord. It's quite a popular platform people use for these kinds of projects, so I highly recommend getting one if you don't have one yet.
  3. 3. DEDICATION AND HARD WORK FOR THIS PROJECT. It's gonna be a big one, even if we're only doing a portion of the entire game. Buckle your seat belt if you want to try.
  4. 4. When auditioning, please make sure you comment the following in your audition: Name/Age/Do you know anything about Wizardess Heart?
That's about it for requirements.

I would really appreciate people auditioning for being an editor, or if someone could provide the gameplay with MC's default name. There's a feeling that's telling me not many people will be helping out with staff things but I really need this support in order to get this project going. Please message me on Discord (izanya#3115) if you can do either of these. If you are an editor, make sure to link me to your previous work.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold