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Hi there, my name is Lewis, or LewisFilms on YouTube. I am a Comic Book and Spider-Man enthusiast. I love Creating and Voicing characters. Any inquires, hit me up on Discord: LewisFilms#2137


I run TWO YouTube channels and the co-host of one Podcast

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  • @xzdillan_real

    Love me

  • @deleted59966

    He gives expression, ranges voices, and is very kind.

  • @oveqva

    Lewis did a great job and was very fun to work with. He was able to pull off multiple different characters and provided great emotion. Lewis definitely gives off the vibe that he's passionate about his work, and puts a lot of effort into each and every role he gets. Can not recommend him enough.

  • @oveqva

    I ended up having Lewis casted as another, quite different, role in a different series, and I gotta hand it to this guy. He is great! I've slowly gotten to know him more as time has gone on, and I can truly say, he's the right pick. Lewis is still amazing with his emotion and direction on lines, and puts in a shocking amount of detail into all of them. For example, in a previous project, he would use a normal voice for a character, but in the more demonic version of said character, he would bring the pitch up a bit. A small, but much appreciated edit that shows how much he cares about each project. It's shocking to me how underrated he is around these parts. Cast him now, thank me later. You will not regret it, I promise.

  • @scottdoesyt

    Hmm, well I don't have much to say but I just wanted to let everyone else on CCC know that Lewis is one of the best voice actors i've ever worked with. As he voices the lead in The Walking Dead series i'm creating, his voice practically drives the story and brings together every other character's dialogue. He's the link in this cast and helps their chemistry flow.