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About Alexander de Vries

I am a 29-year-old actor and singer, with a mid-range speaking voice, and a vocal range spanning from low bass to mid tenor. I love singing wherever I go. Being the eldest of five brothers, and a dungeon master for a group of Dungeons and Dragons players has given me a lot of opportunities to try out various voices and sounds with my voice.  Previous experience includes musical theater, local choirs, improv clubs, audio book narration, and local university student films. 

If you'd like me to audition for a project, feel free to contact me with the specifics! Unless I am completely swamped, I'll be sure to get in contact with you as quickly as possible!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

Discord - PrismSoul#1601

  • @deleted28279

    Alexander did an amazing job voicing Vincent, a celestial beast, for a comic dub project I was working on. They delivered the lines quickly and offered multiple takes so that I could choose the best of each. They were also really easy to contact and stay in touch with throughout the project - I look forward to seeing their work in future projects!!!

  • @raediation

    Alexander is amazingly talented with a great range and wonderful acting. When I was casting the main roles for my dub I was also looking for anyone who could potentially voice some of the extras. I made the right choice by reaching out to Alexander for that. In my dub he voiced two important side characters and ALL the male extras. Two of his characters could be talking to each other and NO ONE would be able to tell it was the same actor. He could do the work, but just as importantly he was available and communicative. If I needed a line he could get it to me day of or next day. He's capable, honest about timeframes, and wants to help you make a great project!