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About Wild and Wolf

Project Concept:

After another humanitarian disaster known as ‘World War 3’, Mother Nature calls upon the great spirit's of the Earth to reconcile with humans once more ridding those who sort to see opportunity with eyes clouded by greed, hatred and maliciousness. The creatures bestow their powers and knowledge upon trusted individuals across the globe, to carry the teachings for generations upon generations to come. Yet the devil itself sets to play it's final card so that he may finally be able to rule.

Wild, a young boy, is forced out into the wilderness by his surrogate clan's chieftain after it's revealed he carries the sacred totem of the Kirin; a totem clans fear. Desperate to survive, Wild is forced to run for his own life until the spirit of a dragon-horse awaits his forthcoming and shields him from the world set to destroy him. Only as the years grows on, the same world beckons their shunned to return in order to save itself from the very evil it created. Wild must rescue his only true friend from the darkness of Hallow and together they must invoke the great spirits within their totems to deliver all from evil.

What I'm Looking For:

I'm currently looking for 6 voice actors to bring the remaining Wild and Wolf characters to life. The current roles available are:

  • Wild(Young/Teenage , American or Canadian, Male voice)- Main Character
  • Amaruq (Young, American or Canadian, Male voice) - Lesser Character
  • Wild's Dad (Adult American or Japanese, Male voice)- Lesser Character
  • Chieftain Lupin ( Adult American or Canadian, Male voice)- Moderate Character
  • Tapeesa (Young American or Canadian, Female voice) -Lesser Character
  • Witch Hallow (Adult British or Irish, Female voice)- Main Character (lesser role for this animation)

The Animation/ Terms and Conditions

The animation is for my University project and is only a part of the larger story that is Wild and Wolf. For anyone who would be wanting to voice act, I would need you to follow the script without adding extras in order to keep to the right timing. This is not paid work as I'm a student myself, however any voicing that is used, you will be credited on my blog, Youtube channel, the animation itself. There is also the opportunity to be one of my go-to voice actors for upcoming animations I have planned/working on, as well as keeping your roles for Wild and Wolf when the animation will be getting extended after University is finished.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold