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About Voltron: The Musical (Opening Number)


This project is going to be an online fan musical of the show Voltron: Legendary Defenders. As to not waste anybody's time, I am only casting the opening number for now. After this project is complete, I will work through any kinks in the production process before officially casting the full musical. Those who are cast in this opening number will automatically be offered a callback for the casting of the full musical without having to go through an initial audition.

For this specific project, I will be casting ONLY for the opening number. This includes Lance, Pidge, Hunk, Keith, Shiro, and a small chorus. I am also looking for artists (digital artists, storyboarders, animatic creators, and animators) and songwriters (composers, transcribers, and lyricists). You can find the information about how to apply in the links included in their individual casting call descriptions. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

The song itself is a mixture of original song and the show’s theme song, totalling approximately 6 minutes. It has many different sections in it, including unison up to six part harmony, so recognise that you will likely not always be on melody. If you are cast, I will provide clear scratch tapes and sheet music to help you learn your parts.


  • Discord Account
    This is where most of our communication will be done as well as where I will work with you on your parts. If you don't have one, you must be willing to make one. Relax, it's free and easy to use. I can walk you through the process if necessary.

  • Email Address
    A large majority of files will be shared through google drive and I need an additional way to contact you in case I haven't been able to reach you on discord. Don't worry, I will be the only person who has your email address and will not share it with anyone without your permission.

  • Commitment
    You aren't committing to anything by auditioning, but if you receive a callback and are cast, you should be planning on seeing this through completely. This should be a relatively short-term project once everyone is cast in September. I would anticipate it being completed by December, but you need to be committed to the project until it's finished. Part of commitment is that you are active on discord (a.k.a, if I private message you, you will be able to reply within a week) and that you tell me about any times you will be out of contact for longer than 5 days.

  • Be Respectful
    You need to be ready to work with other people and respect differing opinions. No hate will be tolerated.

  • Follow the Rules
    There will be a google document explaining the rules of this project which you will be expected to read and uphold. Most of it is just what I mentioned above, but by joining the project, you are agreeing to follow the rules.

  • Keep it SFW
    This project does not have an age limit and considering that VLD is in fact a kid's show, we want to keep the environment family-friendly. This will be explained more clearly in the rule document. Essentially for your audition, just keep it relatively clean. Nothing sexual or seductive and please limit graphic violence or drug reference. Minor cursing ("hell" and "damn") is allowed in your audition song of choice. If the song has harsher cursing (especially f-bomb), please either change the lyrics or sing a different song. Basically, if you wouldn't want your christian mother or your 8 year-old little sister listening to it on repeat, leave it out of your audition.


  • Character
    By this, I mean personality. While it does matter that you sounds relatively believable as the character’s voice, it is far more important that you match their energy.

  • Vocal Accuracy
    This song has a lot of harmony and good pitch is vital to the project's quality. If a song has notes you can't reach, either adjust the notes or sing a different song. DO NOT change the key mid-song so that you can reach the notes. I can work around range limitations. I cannot work with someone who can't stay in key.

  • Diction
    Your words should be easy to understand without causing your microphone to pop. This is especially crucial for chorus, who has a fairly fast part of the song where the words are important to be heard and understood.

  • Energy
    This show has vibrant characters and the song itself is fairly upbeat. You need to sound passionate and have a strong energy in your audition. Each character has a unique energy to them and it is your job to capture that energy in your audition. Please choose a song accordingly.

  • Audio Quality
    Your auditions should not have people or sounds in the background and pops/air noises should not be distracting. Do your best with what you can. Do not record at a time or place where you feel you cannot give your full volume or energy to the audition. When you audition, you should put full focus into it and not hold back.

  • Professionality
    While small mistakes are okay in auditions, you should not have a 20 second explanation about how you just messed up or that you are sick. You can mention that stuff in a comment, but PLEASE limit your actual audition to audition material. Be sure to include ALL required parts of the audition. If it doesn't have "optional" next to it, it is required and I expect it to be included in your audition. Please do the audition in the order it is listed in.


This casting is a two-part process, the first on here and callbacks which I will message details to you directly. Each month (when the original deadline expires) I will go through the current auditions and send out callbacks before pushing the deadline back. The final deadline will be at the end of August, with callbacks due in September, so it is beneficial to get your auditions in before the original deadline in July. That way, you have an extra month to work on your callback material rather than if you wait for the August callback list. These details and any new information will be posted in this project’s Updates, so be sure to follow this project to stay caught up.

Good luck with your auditions and feel free to message me with any questions!


Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold