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About RileyEW13

Hi! My name's Riley. I'm 21 years old, and I live in Ohio. I like reading, writing, drawing, singing, and voice acting! I've also been a theatre and music kid since middle school and earlier.

I Haven't been active here in years, but recently got a new mic and interface as of Christmas of 2023 so I'm back! I'm still learning my new mic and everything, but I'm excited to learn and grow as a voice actor!

I made this account back when I was in high school, so all he projects I tried to make and most of my submissions were from that era and aren't very accurate representation of me, my work ethic. etc. today. I've also been doing voicework on my own channel, here: DragonSong Studios - YouTube

  • @Gamercity93

    Working with Riley was truly awesome! :) She is a talented voice actress with a beautiful voice. She both delivers on projects and creates projects which is inspiring. Would definitely recommend her for your next project!