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About UNEXAMPLED (MMD fantasy animated series)

What is Unexampled?

Unexampled is an ambitious animation series made entirely with MMD. Our goal is to use the simplistic animation style to tell a fun, compelling and emotional story, while still creating stunning visuals. It’s a mash-up of genres, from fantasy, action and adventure to drama, thriller and even a little horror, with snarky dialogue, nail-biting suspense and epic action scenes!

However, the real stars of Unexampled are the characters. Each one of them is unique, with a large set of strengths and weaknesses, virtues and flaws. Each relationship formed over the course of the series is unique too, as the characters influence and change one another.

The first episode has already been uploaded onto YouTube, but it’s not an accurate depiction of what the rest of the series will be, except in terms of animation style. We made some radical changes to plot, characters and writing since then, and a (truly amazing) composer has also joined the project, so the following episodes will be much better.

Where is it set?

It’s set in a magical medieval world where the classic fantasy creatures like elves and orcs are all but extinct, decimated by past wars as well as humans. Now, the dominant supernatural species are abnormals, human-like beings with magical powers, and demons, who transform into mindless monsters should they ever lose control over their emotions.

The lands are mostly rural, the population spread out over countless villages. There’s only one city known to the locals, simply called “the city” because there’s nothing else to compete with the name. That city is controlled by the royals, who are incredibly hateful towards anything supernatural and have set up a tight security around the city to make sure only mundane humans make it in. They’ve also been doing their best to exterminate what remains of elves, orcs, abnormals and demons for good. Any supernatural beings left are on the run, alone or in small groups, hunted by humans.

The tavern where the main plot kicks off is one of the few safe havens for abnormals and demons left.

What is the plot?

After being poisoned, lone abnormal Zero runs into the sisters Sora and Katie. He soon learns that his only hope of survival lies beyond the reach of his slowly deteriorating body. To save his life, the sisters decide to accompany him on the dangerous journey. They soon team up with abnormal hunter Kimi, and everything goes to hell from then on. Stalked by dangerous enemies and weakened by infighting among each other, the group faces challenges beyond their imagination, before discovering a conspiracy that threatens everyone they love. None will finish the journey unchanged. If they finish it at all…

Meanwhile, in the city, aspiring royal Narrako desperately tries to live up to his legacy. Convinced that a demon slipped by the supposedly impenetrable defenses, he starts investigating despite strict orders not to. He’s determined to prove himself to his father… and to protect his city from the threat of the monstrous abnormals and demons.

How long will the project last?

It’s hard to tell. Season 1 should be completed in more than year. About one year if we get enough animators together. But we’re planning to have 3 or 4 seasons, which will take quite some time themselves. The voice actors for this season however will only be needed in the beginning, at least until season 2 rolls around: You’ll receive the scripts for all the episodes at once, so you can work through them at your own pace and send in the lines once you’re finished. Once you finish the script, your work is done for this season.

Is there any payment?

No. This is a pure passion project, everyone involved is doing it solely for fun and out of passion for filmmaking, writing, animating, voice acting and composing.

Whom are we looking for?

Voice actors, animators with experience in MMD, sound designers

What are the requirements?

  • If auditioning as a voice actor, you must have a good mic.

  • You must have Discord.

  • You must be committed to the project and to follow it through. Please try your best to meet the deadlines, and tell us in sufficient advance if you’re unable to. If you absolutely must drop out, tell us in sufficient advance.

  • Be polite to everyone. We all want to have a fun time, and we’d like to leave the infighting to our characters.

Feel free to join our Discord server now! If you’re cast, you’ll gain extended access.


Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold