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Eeveedash's Previously Completed Works

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    About Undertale Multiverse Project

    Hey there! So this is a recent project I have had in mind. This is a no-payment project, meaning I am not paying anyone for the roles. It's really meant to just be something for fun and laid back, but nevertheless I expect everyone to do there part in this and be responsible enough to not cause or keep drama to a minimum. Anyways

    Welcome to this random Fast food AU Multiverse thing Ink thought would be a good idea to make. Characters from all over the different multiverses and AU's are allowed to lounge here and potentially even snag a job so take your time to look around! (-Cough cough- there's a rivalry between McDonald's and Burger King -Cough cough-) There's not much to start, but we have Burger King and McDonald's that are right across the street from one another. Chaos may happen occasionally but we assure you we take no responsibility for any kind of injuries you may sustain while here! Please watch your step for any fights that break out...


    -Please be 12+ age-wise

    -Be mature enough to handle this project

    -If you want to drop out let me know first! If you don't then it will hold everyone back

    -Please either message me your discord or write it in your audition so I have an easy way to message you

    -Please make sure you have a decent-quality mic, static and feedback is not preferred when voicing the roles

    -Be able to commit to this! Please be sure you have the actual time to do this

    -Not a requirement but more of a preference, you get the concept of Undertale and know a few different AU's and Multiverses (We'll be using Dreamswap and Empireverse. More may be added later depending on what me and the co-writer think)

    -Don't. Cause. Drama. Or at least don't involve anyone in it or start it please

    -There will be rare-occasional cursing! If you're not comfortable with that then this probably isn't the project for you


    Don't get salty if you don't get the role you wanted, and especially don't take your anger out on the person who got the role

    You may audition for as many characters as you'd like but keep in mind I will reject some auditions so that one person doesn't voice act one entire group by themselves

    More roles will be added as roles get filled! Also, be prepared for a bit of a wait, confusion, and please be able to stay patient with me since I've never done something like this before and since I am not even close to finishing the script, hence why I'm looking for an experienced person to help be the Co-Writer ^^'

    The Deadline is not set in stone yet! It can be extended or pushed to a later date in certain circumstances

    About the Creator: Eeveedash

    Hey! My name is Eeveedash but Blitz or Ashe also work for me

    I'm rather new to voice acting but I have a strong passion for writing and Singing. Drawing is also one of my hobbies but really it's just for fun and I'm rather sure there are millions of better artists than me

    I'm a rather large Undertale fan, having been in it for about 5-6 years, though I'm sure a lot of you have stayed in it longer. Still, I absolutely love the fandom and all the amazing people in it

    I love gaming, a lot. Probably more than I should. I've played A Hat in Time, Smash Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Undertale, Deltarune, Celeste, Okami, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Dead Cells, Fire Emblem 3 Houses, Pokemon Sapphire, X, Sword, Shield, Fire Emblem Fates/Birthright, and more

    I would call myself a relatively shy and self conscious person. I find myself a bit timid when meeting new people and really awkward, but I can open up fast if we can get a conversation going, anyways, thanks for reading this

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold