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    About Tyranny Of A Wasteland

    Hey guys my name is Blake Lewis and I am creating an original animated series called Tyranny Of A Wasteland. The series will be uploaded on my company channel, AlphaPics TV. Click here to view the channel (although there may not be any content as of now). I will be serving as the director and producer of the series.


    The series is set in the future, in year 2234. It takes place after World War IV. During the war, all countries resorted to using advanced chemical and nuclear weapons that ended up killing off almost the entire population. The US was the only country that was able to build a proper shelter that was capable of actually keeping people alive. But  most of the task force in charge of filling up the shelter was caught up in the crossfires of the war. The only member of the task force that survived was the leader of the force, Fiana (fee-ah-n-uh). She got scared and hid herself in the shelter instead of going with her team to recruit the designated citizens for the shelter. Citizens hiding near the shelter stumbled upon it and snuck in for safety. Upon entering, everyone is sprayed with gas that puts them in a long term sleep. The sleep lasts for exactly 3.5 years, 3 hours, 30 minutes, and 30 seconds and the gas allows the body to rest without need for any sustenance. There were a total of 353 people that made it into the shelter. The only issue is that even though the shelter was enough to keep the people alive, it didn't stop them from suffering the side effects of the radiation and chemicals. Everyone was horribly disfigured and certain groups of people were left with a different "nex" (nex is the nickname for traits or abilities people gained as a result of the radiation and chemicals). The nex's include the super strength nex, the super hearing nex, the nature Nex, the luminance nex, speed nex, the camouflage nex, and the all baring nex. Fiana is the only one with the all baring nex (whoever has the all baring nex has the abilities of every other nex). Fiana knows about a hidden part of the shelter that contains a radiation neutralizing chamber. The chamber reverses any physical disfigurement due to radiation but it doesn't take away the nex. She uses it all for herself and lies to everyone saying that she wasn't affected physically by the radiation like everyone else was. Because Fiana is the most beautiful and powerful of the people she naturally becomes the leader of the Apiens (the name given to all the people left). Basically the plot develops when a group of 6 rebels rise up against her because they realize they're is a secret to how she's maintaining her normal form. They all have a common goal of discovering how to return to their normal form and to have a democratic system of government instead of a tyranny. In the end the leader of the rebels sacrifices himself to take down Fiana. The rest of the rebels discover the way to return everyone to their normal form and the second in command of the rebels becomes the new leader of the Apiens. Instead of leading as a tyrant, the new leader rules as a democratic ruler.


    • Fiana: Tyrant; All-Baring Nex
    • Damon: Speed Nex; Leader of the rebels
    • Christian: Camouflage Nex; Second In Command
    • Asia: Luminance Nex
    • Benson: Nature Nex
    • Lyrique: Super Hearing Nex
    • Demetri: Super Strength Nex


    • Voice Actors *Note: Voice Actors should have a way to record clean audio, crazy amazing mic not required but please have something decent to work with. (The ethnicity listed under the characters name is just a reference for the animators, you do not have to fit that ethnicity).
    • Audio Editors
    • Video Editors
    • Animator
    • Writer
    • Music Composer

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold