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Vic Charm's Previously Completed Works

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    About Two Worlds At War (Gacha Club Voiced Series)


    I am looking for voice actors to be featured in my new Gacha Club series that will be uploaded on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkESnVKLHV_9h1OumMfTPFQ?view_as=subscriber


    Two worlds at war is an adventure/mystery/fantasy/action story there are two worlds that need to be explained,

    The mystic world: where people can use the energy that they accumulate and unleash it an any way imaginable, for example, flight or invisibility, this power is can be obtained in 2 ways:

    Emotionally: The stronger an emotion that a person feels, the more powerful they can become

    Will power: A person with enough will power can use it to perform such feat

    This power is called imperium

    However, the amount of will power or emotional control needed to use imperium is so great that most of the population are unable to use it, so the few people who can are greatly respected. People who are able to reach this power form are known as periums 

    Their appearance isn't any different to a normal person (like no ears or tails or that stuff) 

    The Anima word:In this world, people are born with a power for example duplication, these powers are inherited from parents, however, although everyone has a power there is a downside to them.

    downside: This power is extremely strong and so losing control is far too easy. The power can envelope the person wreaking havoc everywhere

     To minimise to damage that can be done once the power is out of control, the people created something called an virtus domum, (Latin for power house) this can be put into any inanimate object that the person can wear, (eg: a hat) whilst the object is attached to them the virtue domum starts to weaken the power to an extent where the person is able to control it.

    This power is known as a Charm.

    The people of this world have animalistic features, hence the name Anima.

    Melody is a teenage girl who moves around a lot with her father, ever since her mother died it was hard on both of them, her father especially she's a new student to Winter Prep High School and falls in the category of non mystical people. Her new school however seems to be filled to the brim with periums... really strong periums. Getting through school life is tough, for a normal kid that it, Melody always knew there was something weird about her but could't put her finger on it, not until she stood up to an extremely strong perium, Marcus... Melody is joined by her new friend Lee as they experiment with this... new found power. It's all swell until some sort of trigger opens a portal to a new unknown world... What is this place? How do we get out? are these people friendly?

    Audition if you would like to star in this series of mystery, action, fantasy and adventure!

    Things you need to know before auditioning!

    .This project is quite long and it's the open gate to more projects staring characters from this series, there will be between 5-15 episodes depending on how well this project goes so you should be ready to lend your voice for 5-15 weeks, so you should be ready to commit for a while

    .You will be given a new script every week

    . Not all characters have lines every episode (Mainly Extras) but I'll probably need you later on. Some characters will have more or less lines in the future.

    .Have a good microphone (no background noise static or echoey noises)


    .You can audition for multiple roles don't be shy!

    .I might ask you to audition for another role if I like your voice or think it suites a particular character

    .You will need to have discord to voice act in this series, (if you don't already have discord you can make an account) as that is how I will be collecting lines and communicating you the chosen VA's Please leave your discord username in your audition!


    Unfortunately, I will be unable to pay any Voice Actors due to my budget. During the trailer I will give credits to the main voice actors, and at the end of each episode I will give credit to all the actors who voiced any characters in that episode (this includes background characters)I will also give credit  In the description of the video and links to the Voice Actor’s chosen sites they want me to advertise. 

    This is a good chance for voice actors to advertise themselves and grow larger as well as good practice.


    I will give a detailed description of each character so that you can get to understand them better.


    Make sure to have fun!!

    Good luck and thank you!!

    About the Creator: Vic Charm

    I'm a teenaged gachatuber (not too big) but don't let my age fool you, organisation is my middle name and being efficient is my game! Seriously though, when making projects or participating in them I'm always at the top of my game and stay on track! 

    All in all I'm a voice actor and video producer who is very organised and reliable, and I don't mean to toot my own horn but I can sing quite nicely.

    But I'm not a total boring robot person, I can be really good company and have and I quote " Crack Head energy"

    Don't be afraid to DM me if you would like me to audition in a project however, I will not voice NSFW or inappropriate subjects.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold