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    About TRICKS OF THE TRADE - Prologue/Chapter One

         Hello! Thank you for taking the time out to look at my casting call!

         My name is Kristen Gleadle, and I am an aspiring author. I have been working on this particular novel, "Tricks of the Trade" for a while, now. But life has kind of been crazy for me, over the past few years, so the book has unfortunately fallen onto the back burner. BUT! I have decided to devote some time to it again, and see if I can't get the writing juices flowing, once more. And I thought, "What better way is there to get motivated and give these characters some life; than to give them voices?!"

         And so... here we are.

         "Tricks of the Trade" is eventually going to be a series of novels; but right now, I am working on the culmination of the first one. I have outlines and rough drafts of all the others, but I figured the first book should be the first step. Haha.

         The general plot of all of the books---to summarize loosely---is this:

         Shae and Lerna Trick are a pair of sisters who run their own, independent, private investigating business. They are almost complete opposites, but they have enough in common that they make a great team; feeding off of each other's strengths. The books are basically following the lives and careers of these two young women. All of the cases, and trouble, and fun, and arguments, and brainstorming that being sisters/P.I.s entails.

         If I had to pick a genre for my books, I think I would call it "Crime/Comedy"... I know that is a weird fusion of genres, but the tones I set in my book are very unique. I guess something I could compare the feel of the books to is the show "Psych"... They are funny but there is still that sense of crime and mystery. Which gives you this fun marriage of emotions when you watch it. That is my goal for "Tricks of the Trade".
         The book is written from the perspective of Shae, and so... all of the sarcastic comments that she thinks in her head---and any conclusions she draws internally---are all there. And her business partner is her sister, so that relationship is pretty "fast-paced, love/hate, energetic and inside joke" kind of funny. But they are all that each of the other has, so their silliness and comical camaraderie aside, they would die for each other.

         ALL OF THAT BEING SAID: I now come to the actual casting call part of the post! I figure that it will be easiest, and flow the most fluidly if I cast each Chapter (or Scene) chronologically. So, here we go!

         I have mentioned earlier that this will be a series, so I would love to find some people that are willing to stick it out with me for the long haul. There will be some "disposable" characters that only appear in one book, if not one chapter. But a good portion of the characters are recurring in many of the books, so please only audition if you will be up for sticking around for the upcoming sequels.

         Ok, guys... I think I am done with giving you the general idea in gross detail. So... 

         If you haven't already figured it out, I am not afraid to talk! So, please feel free to message me if you have any questions. I would be more than happy to help in any way. This project is my baby, so I want to help you, if it clarifies things so that the project is a better quality for it.

         Read the character descriptions, get a feel for which you think you'd fit best, and have fun! This is kind of a funny quick-paced book, so don't be afraid to laugh!      
         Thanks so much, actors and actresses! HAVE AT IT!

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