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About Tokyo Mew Mew Full Fandub - Minor Roles [1/13]

Greetings, CastingCallClub!

Welcome to the first public casting call for the fandub I have been working on for a while!
It is technically a full series dub, though of course such a project is frankly insane in scale and requires a lot of patience on the part of its participants. For now, I shall be doing the intensive work in chunks as I am only mildly insane.
There are currently script drafts that I am satisfied with for all fifty-two episodes. These are not transcripts of inaccurate fansubs. I translated and adapted them myself, and they mostly sync to the existing visuals. Once in a while lines need to be tweaked to the individual actors' pacing, but this doesn't happen too frequently.
I have also fashioned some visual tweaks for the logo and title cards, translated the bulk of the staff credits, trimmed the OST music for about half of the episodes, recorded the entire series for a handful of the main characters, and recently I have also returned to the sound design, which I am doing chronologically one episode at a time.

"But wait! Why are you only casting extras?" you ask.

In short, I am not. In fact, I will mention the main roles below that are still wide open for anybody who is interested!
However, I have decided to focus on sound design for the time being while recording the actors I already have rather than overwhelm myself by attempting to record every role at once, only finding time to slip in some tech work here and there. I tried that while I was still working on the scripts, and not only is it an incredibly stressful dynamic, but it also greatly, GREATLY increases the time the actors have to wait to see anything resembling a polished product... on account of the fact that all of the time spent on the project is going towards recording sessions and casting efforts rather than actual sound design.

Extras, however, are something I personally consider to be part of the sound design process! I believe that having as many extra voices in as possible and including them in the initial mix alongside the sound effects and background music will help boost the morale of anyone looking to get into the project by auditioning for a main character. Small crowds in particular are nice to have since I can then mix any additional ambiance or stock crowd sounds around the actors. Extras are quick and fun to record and make for a minimal commitment. It's an approach I believe is worth giving a shot!


What is the show about?

Half-animal magical girls who live in a world where it's perfectly normal to name your children after food.
They save the world from aliens-not-aliens who are dead set on killing all humans via environmental destruction and taking Earth for themselves.
The girls have to balance their personal lives with their superhero lives all while additionally waiting at the maid cafe owned by the teenage mad scientist who gave them their powers.
It's a lighthearted and goofy show, and while it takes itself seriously enough to move its plot forward, it also takes itself a little less seriously than most other magical girl type shows. Everything is unabashedly exaggerated, and the writing (in the animated adaptation, at least) is downright charming.
I am a rather "tomboyish" person myself, and I still found this show delightful, which is why I decided choose it for my fandub.


What kind of voices are you looking for?

As the above description says, extras! In particular, the main two groups of extras that appear throughout this series (and of course in this four-episode chunk as well) are squealing tweenage schoolgirls and adult men.
However, because I am looking for extras, the range of voices that will work is quite wide! Even if you don't know if you can do a part, I encourage you to give it a shot anyway!
If you have a voice and speak clear, fluent English, there's a pretty good chance that there's an extra role for you.


Why list individual extras instead of having a general extra pool?

I want to gauge what kind of roles people feel comfortable playing. There is an extra pool, but you can enter it simply by having a satisfactory audition for any extra, even if you don't get cast for that particular extra!
Being in the extra pool and proving yourself reliable will also make you more likely to be cast for larger roles later on.


Now, some notes on this post!

* This post only includes extras for the first four episodes. Extra calls for the other twelve four-episode parts will follow if this one is successful. Subsequent extra calls will include "character-of-the-day" roles as well. These are not main characters, but there are considerably more lines for them then there are for any extra since this type of character is essentially the primary supporting character for the one or two episodes they are in.

* Good technical recording quality, please!

* Since the lines have to be synced to the existing animation, and I'm very strict about techincal quality, the audition itself will not be used in the project. I will ask you to record your line(s) again (with direction or feedback) for the final take, but it shouldn't take long at all!

--- Down the Road ---

Just to keep things cooking, I include below a cursory list of the main roles that are more or less available at the moment. If you would be interested in a particular role, feel free to contact me. I will be holding open and fair auditions at some point for them, but enthusiasm is a major factor since it gives me an indication of how likely you are to not flake out on me!

TO REITERATE: These roles ARE open, but because I need time to work on sound design, I will NOT be casting them for a few months!

== Female Roles ==

* [Understudy] Ichigo Momomiya
* Zakuro Fujiwara
* Sakura Momomiya

== Male Roles ==

* Masaya Aoyama
* Ryou Shirogane
* Kish
* Shintaro Momomiya

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