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    Learn to power up like a Super Saiyan

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    About Through the Open Door

    Artists will be needed but only after the audiobook is complete.

    The name of the animated series “Through the Open Door”

    --Animators-- Looking for one.

    --StoryBoarding-- if necessary

    --Artists-- Casted but more auditions would be considered.

    --Voice Actors-- voice actors needed.

    I'm working on the script as it is. I will decide if you will voice my characters based on your auditions. I'm also looking for anybody good with storyboarding Manga related and/or artistic talent. Submit an application so i can see if you are a good candidate for my project.


    Hideo, Hiroshi, Kumi, and Kurumi, Ikki, Ichiro, Kumi's Mother and Father

    Character descriptions:

    Hideo: He sounds like Vegeta and has the same attitude as Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. I will be voicing Hideo with my Vegeta voice.

    Hiroshi: Is awkward and sort of an otaku. His voice should sound like Takumi from Chaos;head or close. Doesn’t have to be exact. Someone who is a bit paranoid and doesn’t go out much. He just has to sound like an intelligent guy who is very perceptive and likes girls but feels as if 2d girls are the only ones for him. Later on he falls for a girl named Kurumi.

    Ikki: Is a smoothtalker, sounds like a guy who is confident about his appearance and attitude. Likes Kumi.

    Ichiro: is the same as he is in his Sun elven form.

    Kumi: doesn’t know what she wants. Is a bit anxious with her social skills.

    Kurumi: Is more confident than her elven form Kumi. She is eccentric and flirtatious.

    Kumi's Mother: She is Kumi's Mother

    Kumi's Father: He is Kumi's Father.

    Goal: 12 episodes or more

    "Through the Open Door" is a story about a girl named Kumi and Hideo having their day to day confrontations. But the real twist is, they end up finding each other living in a dorm when they’re in their human forms. With their names being Hiroshi and Kurumi. later on in the story. Episode 2 will depict this. So Kurumi is treating the Hiroshi’s wounds after being seen with another Sun Elf which breaks Hideo’s heart


    If you can draw sceneric backgrounds like blue trees or anything beautiful as if in a dream-like world i'd like to see some of your work.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold