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Queen Of Fistss's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Magic of Theoris

    Time and Setting:

        This story takes place during a time where princes’ and princess’ reigned, to be more accurate, the medieval times. Magic is a very important factor in how people in these generations rule, and technology is advancing at rapid speeds. They have scrolls where you can call and text people and earpieces you can use to talk to people as well. But without magic, none of those things would run. Only people with magic energy and aura can get these things to run. So basically, anyone who doesn’t use magic and doesn’t have an aura can not, under any circumstances, get those devices to work. A council is in place to keep the peace among the other races. One representative for each race, which means seven people are on the council. Everyone in the land of Theoris has some kind of mental disorder. Doesn’t matter what it is, everyone has one. No one knows where it came about, and quite frankly, no one cares to know except the historians and mages.

    Update: Hundreds of years before the setting of the book, war raged between the Demon and Angel races. The Demons decided to drop an unknown bomb onto the Angel races home. Once the bomb was dropped, hundreds upon thousands of people were killed and an unknown chemical was spread throughout the land of Theoris. This chemical almost changed the brains makeup, causing everyone to have a disorder and even spreading it onto their children, causing a never-ending cycle.


        Humans are the first race on the list. They aren’t special but they are the only race who can become mages and sorcerers. They can use whatever magic they want too, as long as they train efficiently and work to perfect it. But not every human can be a mage. It is a 5:100 ratio.

        Next are Elves, elves generally seem to have been thought of as beings with magical powers and supernatural beauty. Elves possess unique and extraordinary abilities- keen intellect, superhuman physical agility and senses, and natural magical talents. Though not immortal (nor immune to physical injury), they live for centuries, gaining experience and power as they age. Elves are also lawful in nature. They are basically good, adhering to the ideals of personal freedom, fairness, and generosity. However, they have learned to be cautious when dealing with other races in general in humans in particular. Mindspeak, or telepathy, allow Elves to communicate silently among themselves, and with those humans who are able to “hear” them. The range of Mindspeak is limited to an Elves power level. Elves know the world far better than men do and are able to use their innate magical abilities to locate and use magical paths which link certain locations. These operate much like intra-planar portals, providing instantaneous travel without the restrictions of teleportation which mages use.

        Next are Fairies, There are hundreds of different kinds of fairies – some are minute creatures, others grotesque – some can fly, and all can appear and disappear at will. Most of the nature fairies are perhaps descendents of pre-Christian gods and goddesses or are the spirits of trees and streams. Goblins and Bug-a-boos are always malignant – avoid them if possible! Fairy powers include; 

    1. Invisibility
    2. Glamour (typically bad fairies use this powers. Glamour is an illusion, the bad fairy looks beautiful when it’s truly an ugly creature.)

    3. Healing

    4. Clairvoyance (a fairy can grant you the ability to see the future or see the hidden world of the fairies.)

    5. Flight

    6. Nimble (Some fairies move so fast or have some much agility, they can dodge anything and never get hit.)

    7. Enhanced senses

    8. Illumination

    9. Resistance

    10. Shadowmelding (A certain type of fairy, called a darkling, can merge with shadows. It allows them to quickly move between shadows and become intangible.), and Animal Communication.

        Next are the Faunus, Faunus are one of the two intelligent races, the other race being the Humans. While Faunus resemble Humans, they're often easily distinguishable from the latter in that they possess the traits of animals. The Faunus don’t have any special powers that go with their race, but the Faunus have always raised beautiful and strong warriors. So many Faunus are just fighters and nothing more.

        Next up is Mermaids, Normally mermaids only have a long tail and swim in the sea. In Theoris, Mermaids can walk on land as well. But as soon as water touches their body, the tail comes back. Powers Mermaids possess are:

    1. Superhuman strength.
    2. Limited shapeshifting.

    3. Fish Physiology.

    4. Speed Swimming.

    5. Can heal when they sing.

    6. Claws and Fangs.

    7. Enchantment (Mermaids have an ability similar to a glamour but they do not have to try to use. It just flows out of them, enhancing their beauty and making them irresistible and alluring. Even in human form, people can sense there is something special about the mermaid and when she appears, all eyes turn to stare at her. A glance from a mermaid can make even the gruffest, toughest pirate's heart flutter faster than a hummingbird's wings. Sailors have drowned in an attempt to gaze upon a mermaid).

    8. Water Manipulation.

    9. Siren Song.

    10. Weather Manipulation.

        Next are Angels. They are the most strongest race in Theoris. You can tell an Angels social standing by how big their wings are. The bigger their wings, the higher the ranking. Their powers include;

    1. Ark (An archetypal magic technique of the Goddess clan that creates light particles, often evolving the target in a dazzling sphere of light that breaks apart their body. It is mostly counteracts darkness by disintegrating, though it also can cause physical damage.)

    2. Purge (A technique that erases "abominable" souls, such as vampires and demons. This technique was passed down to the Druids.)

    3. Invigorate (By channelling their power, goddess can counteract negative effects, such as severe injuries either caused physical or by miasma, to even strong poisonous acid. It can also recover health and stamina or clear the mind of someone.[5] This power has the opposite effect on demons when not controlled enough, hurting them and repelling their power.)

    4. Possession.

    5. Flight.

    6. Time Regression: Spell (A spell that allows one to send the soul of another being towards the past. This spell can be taught to members of other races, mainly the druids.)

        Lastly, the Demon race. The second strongest race in Theoris. Many demons consider themselves above those of other races for their great power, especially humans. However, the two legendary clans were largely evenly matched and thus a tentative balance was created. Powers of the demon race include:

    1. Power of Darkness ( Demons can create and manipulate a mysterious dark substance to enhance both their offensive and defensive abilities).

    2. Enhanced Regeneration.

    3. Purgatory Fire (A powerful, dark flame that never extinguish and is capable of negating regenerative abilities).

    4. Soul Stealing.

    5. Demon Control.

    6. Flight.


    1.     Humans live in small and big cities, villages as well. They all coincide with one another and help each other survive.
    2.    Elves live in large groups, serving one royal family at a time. They usually live in villages in the forest.
    3. Fairies live in smaller groups, but still serve for one royal family. They live in a village in the Fairy Forest.
    4. Faunus live in large groups, always staying close together. They praise one ruler only but that ruler has multiple children. The Faunus have always married off their eldest children, usually to the Angel race. They live right in the heart of Theoris.
    5. Mermaids can live wherever they want too since they can live in the sea and on land. Their main village is in the sea though, so most mermaids return their for the night. They serve one royal family.
    6. Angels live in a village in the sky, also referred to as the Sky Village. They have wings so it is easy to get too and from the Sky Village. They have one ruler who has multiple children, the eldest is always quickly married off to the eldest of another race.
    7. Demons live in a village underground. There is only one entrance and one exit, nobody really knows where it is except someone from the demon race. Telling anyone else where the entrance is, is forbidden and the person who does will be exiled immediately.

    Magical Ranks:

        Magical capability is ranked in this order from weakest to strongest.

    • Apprentice

    • Novice Enchanter

    • Mage

    • Sorcerer

        Going up the magical food chain can be a little difficult the farther you go up. Going from Apprentice to Novice Enchanter isn’t that hard, but moving from Mage to Sorcerer is as hard as can be.

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