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About HofePrime

I'm Hayden Roberts, also known as HofeComposer. My pronouns are he/him. I was born on April 2, 2004 in a small town in Illinois. I've been involved with acting since 2014, involved with music since 2013, and writing music since 2014. 

I am currently working with various projects as either a composer or a voice actor. More often than not, I audition as the composer for a project unless I cannot audition for this role. 

  • @owleeve

    Hayden is incredible! He has a very critical mind and always goes through with what he wants to do. He's an incredible composer with a lot of musical knowledge. As a writer, he provides awesome inputs in how to improve a narrative which I will always be thankful for!! I would warmly recommend working with him. If you want someone serious about his work, friendly and just great to be around, Hayden is clearly the person you are looking for!