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    About [UPDATED] The Gypsy Prince (Original Animated Series)

        Hi there! I'm Proxy, and I've been planning out an original animated series for some time now, and I decided that it's probably a good time to set up a casting call of my own for this series - which is titled "The Gypsy Prince". It will be animated by me with 3D models in a program called MikuMikuDance (often known as "MMD" for short). I'm very excited for this project, and I can't wait to start working with all of you on this! ^^

        I would also like to add that this series is going to be a musical, but if you really aren't comfortable with singing, please just let me know and I can probably get a different singing voice actor for the character, and you can just do the regular speaking lines. I wouldn't like everybody to do this, however if your speaking voice is great, but you really don't want to sing, I would be happy to make an exception for you.

        The story will be focusing on a cast of very diverse characters that I've spent a lot of time developing, and am very enthusiastic about writing for. It takes place in a medieval-fantasy setting, in a corrupt, prejudiced country called Ofeilia. The setting is pretty unique (and definitely not historically accurate), and has some elements inspired by anime. There are gypsies in Ofeilia, but they tend to dress in a somewhat modern style, regardless of the buildings resembling that of the 1480s. Some of the characters even have Victorian-inspired clothing, but they’re most likely from another country where that’s common.

        One last thing - my friend Rizzy posted a casting call for this awhile back, but I decided to update it and host it myself instead since there were some things we forgot to put on the other one and I figured it'd be easier for me to be able to edit it this way. The auditions on the other call won't be forgotten or anything, so don't worry about it if you previously auditioned there, but this is where you should put any new auditions.

        Thank you, and good luck! I'm definitely looking forward to hearing your auditions. :D If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them, just let me know!

    Plot Summary

        Tortured by sexism all her life due to being born in the very prejudiced gypsy country of Ofeilia, an orphan once called Jane was adopted by the royal family of Ofeilia, thus making her the princess of all the gypsies. Taken from the orphanage she so hated, Jane was absolutely elated by these sudden changes, she would be free of being treated "like a girl", she could dress the way she wanted - her mother and father even insisted she change her name to something far less common and dull: Princess Mage Valentine Ofeilia. Jane - or rather, Mage - was absolutely elated by these sudden changes, until she finds that the misogyny she had thought would be gone had actually grown much, much worse.

        Everyone she knows - her mother in particular - pressures her to find a suitor so she can one day rule Ofeilia with her husband. She is constantly objectified and doted on, and even though Mage has always been a tomboy at heart, she tries her hardest to be the graceful, beautiful princess that everybody wants her to be, in fear of letting the entire kingdom down - or worse, getting executed for going against customs - no matter how uncomfortable it makes her.

        Meanwhile, an unsound, misguided necromancer, whose name is Ether Astrum, plans an elaborate scheme to seize Ofeilia with the help of his comrades. Fortunately for him, Princess Mage’s parents agreed that he would be the perfect suitor for her - after all, he was rich, and his family had a perfect reputation. Ether's plan turns out to be more simple than he had anticipated - at least, before Mage overhears a certain conversation between him and her brother.

        Mage and her friends find that the fate of their country is in their hands, and she is forced to go against the only family she has ever known. Together, Mage and her friends Leo, Axel, Marco, Circe, and Luna fight for what they think is just.

    Our Cast Thus Far

    Just in case you're curious, we've already casted some of the characters:

    Ether Astrum - Speedy Tempo

    Lara Ofeilia - Rizzy

    Leo Costillo - Performance Major

    Ash Ofeilia - Performance Major

    Pansy Para - Creepy Octopus

    Marco Costillo - Arty Quill

    Circe "Wish" Donrosen - TheChibiBrony

    Merle Archimedes - SilentAssassin648

    Lloyd Ofeilia - OneLonelyDog

    Mina Ofeilia - Proxy (meee~)

    Axel Castagnier - Proxy (also meee~)

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