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About The Beast Within MLP Audio Book

This is a project I wanted to work on a very very long time ago now.... maybe 6-7 years ago now. O.o This started off as a simple My Little Pony RP with an online friend. But it got so interesting, back along I really wanted to turn it into an audio book on Youtube. But back then my ex was very unsupportive, like the Asmundr Project audio I wanted to work on, he insisted I cancel them. So since Asmundr redo is doing so well, I figured I see if I can finally get this one off the ground too. :)

Do Check out Asmundr on my Channel. It's current project I already directing, 5 chapters up currently, that's chapter 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lb-OvmNM8tM&t=67s 

Now this project I have got whole script complete ready to audio up, ideas for drawings if this gets off the ground with enough VA's, but to start off for quickness it may just be an audio people listen to, no images but title image used for the title of this Casting Call. It will depend on how well it goes. :) I also have 4-5 original songs for it too, I shall post all links to old videos on my Channel describing it all, but bare in mind all videos years old, I sing better now, and will redo. I may be looking for a composer to join this project to actually add music to my singing original lyrics... But if that doesn't happen, for time being, I'll add up songs just singing to the Audio Read-Out. :) This is gunna be for fun, and will slowly develop the further we get with it, main important thing is getting VA's to voice the characters, narrate, and a couple sing a tiny bit too. So do check it out, and give it a go if interested! :)

All videos that will help show about 'The Beast Within' and the songs sung (terribly atm) but any composers will get the point. All videos done years ago, and will be redone better! Enjoy mediocre! xD

The Beast Within Update & United Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa1Qhax5pGA 

United Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfvmzwmbZDY 

The Beast Within Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z_-1Z2PswU&t=237s 

Coppers Hope Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-Br6OO5bfQ 

Brokenheart's Sad Song - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xXzcoMGmaw 

How I want songs to sound and characters to sound will all be in the descriptions of the auditions area, good luck all! We see if this gets somewhere! :p

Brief description of what The Beast Within Story is all about:

Story starts off Brokenheart visiting her mentor King Sombra, and his Fiancee Jezza. He had sent her out of the Crystal Empire to check on some suspisions. He tells them he keeps having this dream of a shadowly darkness, even  more dark and powerful than his own. First it takes Ponyville by storm, then Canterlot, the princesses have no hope, and then, the Crystal Empire is next in his dream. So Brokenheart leaves, but she is very troubled mentally and goes and tries to destroy Ponyville. Jezza tries to save her but gets knocked dead, or is she? King Sombra full of hatrid tries to kill Brokenheart who flees to an abondoned house, her families home. Without spoiling too much of whether Jezza lives or dies, wether Sombra kills or helps Brokenheart, I'll just say that Brokenheart's Husband comes to Sombra demanding where his wife is, with their daughter Copper. (I voice Jezza and Copper, that's why their not on here). Turns out Brokenheart has an evil entity latching onto her, and she is only just strong enough to seperate herself enough to become two ponies in one body. One trying to escape to hurt no more, and the evil entity that tried to destroy Ponyville. That evil entity is called Lord Eversor (meaning the Destroyer in latin). Will they be able to save Brokenheart before she tries to destroy canterlot like she tried Ponyville...? Audition, join in the making of this, and find out! ;)

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