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About Malkavian Grin

Hello! I am Malkavian Grin and I have been trying to break into the voice acting community for quite some time now. In the beginning it seemed as if you could only audition for roles if you paid for it, but I'm happy to have found CCC which gives me a chance to audition and become part of the community. I am very grateful for that!

I have been into the idea of voice acting since before I knew what it was, constantly mimicking voices of characters I'd see in cartoons and movies. I didn't realize it could be an official job until about ten years ago when I started looking into it.

I would say that a large part of my "training" as a voice actor comes from goofing around with friends whilst playing various tabletop games (D&D, for instance). I am often the Game Master at these events and thus strive to make my NPCs all memorable in their own way. This is typically only done by their voice or how they act about / react to situations.

You may contact me via Discord at Malkavian Grin#4028

  • @person-on-the-internet

    Malkavain is a very talanted voice actor. I had absolutely 0 trouble recording the lines with him and he was helpful and fully co-operative along the way. I cannot recommend him more, definitely cast him if you are considering!

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    Malkavian Grin served my team as a voice actor for a post-apocalyptic military major getting ready for conflict. He did an amazing job with the role, bringing Major Parker to life way better than I could ever imagine. He is quick to get his work done and a very friendly individual to work with, and as such he is a welcome member of my team and I look forward to continued cooperation with Malkavian Grin.

    If he shows up to audition for your project, definitely consider him. He could be your ace in the hole.