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About Team Fortress 2 Comic Calls!

Do you love TF2? Love Acting? Want the chance to voice your favourite character from the comics? LOOK NO FURTHER!

Hello everyone, my name is SweetCookie500 and I would like to bring out auditions for dubbing roles for Team Fortress 2! TF2 is a multi-player first-person shooter released in 2006-2007 that is one of the biggest free games to download (It wasn't always free) on Steam. While this game doesn't dive into storylines, the comics on the main page gives an insight to the world of Mercenaries.

What I am planning to do is to create a Team Fortress 2 Comic Movie, which will revolve around the 7 main story-line comics on the official page. Since only 6 of the 7 comics have been published, work will probably start on the movie once I have everyone onboard. In the meanwhile, other comics with the roles present will be done :)
The movie will include the deaths of Red and Blu Mann that will lead up to the events of the first film. I will need script writers to help me weave together the comics into a story (In the sense that some comics will be before some scenes, certain comic scenes will be present etc.)

Link to website:

1. Audition only if you are willing to keep active on the role
2. No double roles will be accepted
3. THIS IS A LONG-TERM PROJECT! If you wish to pull out, please let me know in advance before I cast anyone.
4. Visit this page every now and then, there's bound to be updates every now and then
5. Add lines to express more emotions or to enhance accents if you want
6. If you're up against other people for the role of your choosing, I will send you my email for knock-out auditions (Last man/woman standing wins kind of deal.
7. You may audition for multiple roles though :)
8. Have a Discord. It's ok if you don't have one, since there's always the Collaboration discussion if chosen for an acting role ^.^

1. Have a good microphone! You won't be accepted if Microphone quality isn't great
2. Be at least decent. This is something I want to take seriously while having fun, so please be decent at acting because I don't want a 12 year old doing badly with acting.
3. If you are a female and wanting to do the men's parts, you will need to do pretty well, since I am taking the role of Sniper. If not, then please go for female roles.
4. No double roles. You can audition for 2 roles, but you will be assigned the role you fit more into.
5. Have fun :)

  • SweetCookie500: Maggie
  • Takeru: Medic
  • President Leon: Pyro (Would work like Kenny from South Park in the sense that actual scripted dialogue will be spoken but muffled)
  • NormalGamer5000: Spy
  • Lil' Guy: SAXTON HALE
  • Admiral Handsome: Scout
  • Psyco81212: Demoman
  • dkb-the-blue: Soldier
  • Zavemann: Engineer
  • Emily Wylie: Miss Pauling
  • getkeen: Administrator
  • mcclangus: Heavy
  1. SweetCookie500: Director, Current Editor, Script Writer
  2. President Leon: Script Writer

PENDING ACTORS for SOME of the roles are being reviewed and WILL BE casted sometime in the span of August-September
Note: If I don't reply to your audition, that means I'm busy or inactive at that point in time.

THE DEADLINE IS THE MINIMUM JULY 1st 2017! I will update the deadline as I go along!

Good Luck!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold