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About Super Danganronpa Fandub: The Sequel

Hello everyone! As some of you may already know, my group, Sonora Productions is currently working on a fandub for the first Danganronpa game. We are nearing the end in terms of recording lines, script writing and editing for the first game so we think it’s high time that we start the auditions for our fandub of Danganronpa 2! Please note that the role of Byakuya Togami (Twogami) is already filled by our Byakuya VA from our fandub of the first game. We will be giving feedback in our discord group to whoever asks for it!

We have an open server for people who are interested in chatting with other fans of Danganronpa here:

*Some rules and things to note before auditioning*
1. Good to great microphone quality. No background noise, headset or laptop microphones please. Try to avoid plosives as well.
2. Show emotion when you audition. We want this fandub to sound as well done as possible.
3. You can audition for as many characters as you like, but keep in mind you will likely only be cast for one role.
4. You do not have to be familiar with the game’s premise or characters to audition, but it does help.
5. Please try to meet deadlines when we give them. However, we are flexible and more than willing to work with everyone if delays are necessary.
6. You do not have to imitate the official English voice actors. That is not to say you are forbidden from imitating them, just note that it does not guarantee you getting cast. We will go with the voices that we feel most fit the characters.
7. We are also looking for help with editing and script writing. Script writing is the simple act of transcribing the game as you play or watch it. Editing is a bit more involved and requires at least a bit more than a passing familiarity in Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere or some other form of advanced editing software.
8. We want to try and do live direction for the trials. The trials have a lot of back and forth between several different characters so live direction will serve to help improve everyone’s takes, since it is otherwise next to impossible to capture the group dynamic we desire for the trial segments.
9. If you are cast, you will need to have a Discord account as that is how we will be communicating with you about everything regarding the project.
10. Most importantly, have fun! Just because we want this fandub to be done well, doesn't mean you can’t have fun doing it!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold