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    About Sons of Mau: Episode 1 (Voice Actors & Artists)


    'Sons of Mau' is a planned animatic/audio drama series based on an original story. The characters are set in a fantasy world filled with anthropomorphic cats. The story follows a young cat named Miu, on a constant journey to reclaim his lost memories and uncover his family history, whilst fighting the literal and inner demons that stand in his way.

    The story was originally intended for a book, but upon writing much of it, I realized that it wasn't suited purely for the written word. The story would be best treated fully animated, but due to underlying conflicts that is not currently possible either. So, I'll be presenting this story in an entirely unique way. It will be an audio drama, supplemented with quality drawings adapted digitally to help the viewer follow along. You can expect an animatic/PMV feel. For critical/important moments in the story, I will be animating with hand drawn frames. 

    'Sons of Mau' is currently in development. The script for the first episode has been written, and 19 other episodes consisting of the first season have been planned and story boarded. I have long term plans for the series; I ideally want it to run for several seasons, but for the moment I'm keeping my ambitions realistic. The first season should consist of 20 episodes each roughly 20 minutes long, but this is subject to change if necessary. Visuals for the first episode and promotional material are already in development. First releases should come out in 2019.

    Though not my immediate priority, I'll be considering accepting artistic help in providing additional drawings for the characters/backgrounds. Those of you capable of digital artwork will be especially appreciated. (My artistic style when implemented traditionally is of acceptable quality, but I have yet to transfer that to a digital scheme.) I recognize that devoting your skills to another person's project takes a lot of commitment, so for the moment I'm comfortable either providing the visuals myself or paying those willing to lend their time. 

    'Sons of Mau' has a lot of characters, a lot of settings, and therefore, a lot of opportunity. I will only be concerned with the characters appearing in the first episode at the moment, but know that there are dozens of others set to appear later, and I might mark you as a potential VA for a character not shown, your permission granted, of course. Beyond the named characters, I'm hoping to personally design as many audio effects as possible, including voices for crowds. If you are a assigned an extra's part, let me know if you'd be interested in continuing to voice for the project further down the road. The first episode will be uploaded to YouTube upon completion. I will be searching for actors with clear voices and acceptable audio quality in their auditions, but don't let this prevent you from trying out. I am not yet able to pay you for your work but plan to if and when the project works out. I'm extremely grateful for any and all interest I receive for 'Sons of Mau.' Thanks for reading!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold