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About Sonic Rush Adventure \\Story Mode// Fandub

Hello and welcome to the Sonic Rush: Adventure Fandub casting call! 

Project Information:

My goal for this project is to dub the story mode scenes of Sonic Rush Adventure in a two-part movie format! The finished project will be uploaded to YouTube in August/September just in time for the game's anniversary! The deadline for casting is the 16th of July but may be extended. Currently I'm the head of the project (voicing Blaze the Cat). I am also looking for a co-editor, so please message me if you're interested.**

For Voice Actors:  

  1. --> Sound quality is very important, please check for static or noise. We want your awesome voice to shine through the recording! 
  2. -->  Please feel free to be yourself and/or get into character! 
  3. --> Don't worry about impersonating, this is all for fun!
  4. --> If you wish to familiarize yourself with some of the lines, the full game script is available here! Lines specific to your character will be sent out.

**Contact Information:

I will be fairly active on this project page and will give feedback on auditions if requested. For more questions, send me a PM here or on my Twitter. :) Once cast in the project, Discord will be the primary method of communication for our group. I will PM you with our server information. Deadlines are to be discussed later on but please do not audition if you don't have the time. Life happens I understand, so please contact me if any issues arise on your end.

What is the game? Why this game? 
Sonic Rush holds a special place in my heart being the first fan project I attempted while discovering the world of fan-dubs and online voice acting! 10 years ago in fact in 2007, when the game released. Now that I have more know-how in the editing process, I want to revisit it!

Synopsis: A sequel to Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure begins with Sonic and Tails being transported to another world in which they reunite with Blaze the Cat and meet a new character named Marine. In order to return home, Sonic and company pursue a new villain named Captain Whisker.

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About the Creator: yumeparadox

Hello there! My pseudonym is Yume Zingi, however you can just call me Yume. I run a YouTube channel started in 2017 called “Yume’s Studio” where I create comic dubs, an audio series titled “Inkopolis Storytime” and in-character gameplays (coming soon). 
I’m most known by viewers for giving voices to the three silent protagonists in the Splatoon series and leads such as Pearl & Marina.
You can also hear me as a teacher in the indie visual novel, My Sweet Confession by Snowhaven Studios. 
(circa 2017, 40K+ subscribers)
My natural vocal range is low to medium high, although I can do a convincing enough childlike voice. I absolutely love voice acting! I have been telling stories since a young age, putting on plays with inanimate objects and the like. It feels amazing to step into another character’s shoes, creating their story and bringing them to life.

@yumeparadox on Twitter
yumeparadox [@] gmail dot com 
@yumes_studio on Instagram
(Private message me for my Discord)
Paid roles are preferred, however I’m still interested in hobby projects that have an interesting pitch! That’s how I got my start online, after all! 
(CURRENT: Audio Technica AT-2035 Condenser)
(PAST: Blue Yeti. June 2015- March 2018)

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day! If you’re a fellow VA, good luck on your auditions! Maybe we'll work together soon! 
🖤      🖤      🖤

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