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    About SOL☆R - [a planetary school-idol inspired cover group!]

    Ten girls, all sharing one dream--to become the brightest-shining idols this world has to offer! 

    SOL☆AR is a planetary-based group covering songs from Bang Dream!, Idolmaster and Love Live (and, within that umbrella, Love Live! Sunshine!! as well), along with many other franchises. Follow the story of ten girls becoming idols, from the direct and mysterious Saturn to the bubbly, air-headed Venus. They don't have much in common except the fact that they hardly share the same species, and even at that, it almost seems like they're all on different worlds. However, one thing keeps them rooted; their love for their world, the team, and the burning desire for excellence. 

    Before you audition, there are some general requirements that come with a project such as this. This is a long-term project, meaning we'll be covering songs and voicing in-between visual novel style stories, marking the idols' journey. 

    basic requirements:
         ✵ have a decent mic! i can't stress this enough. background noises, as small as they are, add up decently quickly. it's okay if you aren't perfect, but we still do ask for a good microphone that works steadily, as well as as much silence as you can provide--we only want your voice! 
         ✵ have a discord! we'll be primarily using that to communicate, as well as turning things in and making a server for everyone to talk on. you don't have to stay on constantly, but make sure to check in every once in a while for an update or two. 
         ✵ please be willing to sing harmonies! even though it's difficult sometimes, these provide a sound in an idol group that is more unique than any other! a balance of voices on every part can make or break an idol group, so we're going for the former.
         ✵ you may only audition for three characters! put them in order, as well--from your first choice to your last. for example, if you wanted venus, saturn and mars, but you'd rather have venus above all else, mark that so i can see it and tune to what you'd like. 
         ✵ make sure to communicate for deadlines! if you're cast, they'll work in timeslots. for example, two weeks ahead, we'd announce a cover, and you'd have to get your recordings in by a specific due date. this sounds easy, but sometimes translation gets muddled, and we want to make sure you can communicate! 

    In you audition, state your name, who you're going for, and the other things you can do for this group. We need animators and mixers, too--as well as artists and sprite editors! With such a big project, we need a big staff. We hope you enjoy auditioning, and above all else, make sure to have fun! 

    Our Discord:

    - emily and bee (the admins of this project)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold