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About Simulation Lucy (Animated Show)

Simulation Lucy is a soon to be animated comedy sci-fi cartoon show that I will broadcast for free to watch on YouTube. 

  • The show will last at the very least one season, but I plan to do many. Which would be roughly 8-12 episodes per season.

  • This show will have mature comedy and strong language, so if you are easily offened then you may not want to participate. Fair warning. 

 You will be credited
You will be featured under the voice actors list at the end of the show & name featured by your character in the beginning prologue.

Your YouTube, website or castingcall.clubs profile will be linked in the description of each episode.
In the description of each episode you will be in the description with your YouTube , castingcall page and/or website for users to browse and have the chance into getting contact with you for any reason. Bare in mind someone important may come across your voice so it's good to have a way of reaching you. This isn't required, but highly recommended! You may choose whichever or even have none of the above featured by your name if preferred.

How the idea started

Simulation Lucy originated as a webcomic that is still available online, but I loved the story so much I wanted to turn it into an animated cartoon.

Filled positions

Lucy, Dr. Hoffman, & Judith are currently the only positions that have been filled. 

The deadline could be set back an extra few days or weeks, but for now the deadline is the very end of March. 


The show is based in north America and on the simulation hypothesis, where in theory we live in a "simulation" or "video game". A young girl with a video game addiction lives with her father who is a smart ass deranged scientist. He invents Lucy the overly optimistic robotic puppy in a failed attempt at pulling her away from the addiction. With Lucy's "special ability" she can explore the realms of any digital simulation. 

Requirements & What not

I'm not requiring experience, but I do want good quality audio. Many characters are still under consideration while others are under development so more spots will be open eventually. 

I will need a video of the recording session during scene recordings. This is so I can better animate and match the characters to the emotion and express more realistic expressions. 

If you can voice the first epsidoe I hope you can stay for the next, but you don't have to of course.

This is the very beginning of an animated cartoon series, so if you hop aboard I hope you'll be able to voice the character you're allying for in future episodes. This show is being completely animated, written and directed by myself, so you will have plenty of time to practice, edit, what have you. 

Thanks everyone for your interest in Simulation Lucy :)

About the Creator: kushpaws

I'm just an over ambitious artist looking for the right direction. 

I recently picked up animation and I have to say it's something I love doing. I'm currently working on my first project, Simulation Lucy which is a soon to be animated show. 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold