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About Written in the Stars

2021 Update:

After several years of release, Azreal's route is getting additional scenes and content as well as updated CGs and a mascot role. A new fresh voice will be required to provide the lines.

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After finally taking the steps towards publishing a childhood story, Seraphina began to feel the ware of her work. Once a kid who loved to create, she now has to answer to her editor and publisher in order to get her story heard. After slowly starting to hate the characters and story she once loved, Seraphina is transported to and trapped in the fairytale she wrote with no way of getting out. Can she create a “happily ever after” to escape the prison she wrote herself into?

Written in the Stars is an otome game done for a 7 day challenge (turned 9 months) featuring 2 male love interests, branching routes and multiple endings.


The game is based on branching routes in an all-VN experience. (Unlike my previous games, it plays out more through written text and choices rather than scheduling raising simulation elements.) The game will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux for free on itch.io.



  • ·         Microphone must be clear, undistorted with no background sounds, cracks, echos or noises
  • ·         Preferably, VAs should be around the age of the characters (18+) just due to the implications behind some scenes, particularly with Azreal and Mei

Age Rating / Trigger Warnings:

There’s nothing inherently bad, as the story is very much about recapturing childhood. As it is a romance game, there are implied sexual encounters (particularly in Azreal’s route which will be addressed in his character info) as well as mild language (Hell, Damn mainly).


Name Pronounciations:

Seraphina = Se-Ruh-FEE-nuh

Ini = EE-nee (Seraphina's nickname)

Angelo = AN-juh-low

Mei = MAY

Azreal = AZ-ree-ul

About the Creator: rooftopsrevolution

Hey there!

My name is Chey, and I've been working with voice actors for about a decade now! I've voiced every now and again, but my passion is developing games and projects for other people. I tend to make freeware games to make my work accessible to anyone, especially those who can't afford to pay lots for games.

I'd say my main goal in life is to develop a game to help people with anxiety or depression, and I've been working on my portfolio to apply to my dream school. My main project is Celestial Dance which has been in the works since 2008 lol

I hope you find some enjoyment in what I do! And I would love for your to be part of my works. 

I'm twenty-three and I finished my undergrad in English / Cultural studies and I hope to go on to game development when I get the chance. 

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