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About The Reserves Season 1 [Halo 5 Machinima Series]

The reserves is a Halo 5 machinima series hopefully going to air around new year/spring time in 2018. The series is about a reserve military squad of Spartans who fill in for one of the most successful spartan squads in the time period, the catch is, since the main squad is so good the reserves never face action and as a result do nothing. The story is set in the year 2754, 200 years after the events of the halo games and the decommissioning of the spartan program due to it being deemed inhumane because of the deaths caused during augmentation. The UNSC is now very corrupt with some of the leaders wishing to bring it back, so they stage a second human covenant war so they can  illegally abduct soldiers and augment them, the public and whole military thinking they just died/went missing.

The reserve squad members are as followed:

Fred [Leader]
Fred is very offensive towards the two elites in his squad due to his son being killed by a failed UNSC abduction of Tom, thinking it was the covenant 
Magnus [Heavy Weapons]
Magnus has known Tom since he was a child so when the UNSC abducted Tom they made sure that Magnus saw it thinking it would fool him in thinking Tom was dead, he was, alongside tom, moved down to the reserve team after Colonel Straker blamed them for causing the death of a commanding officer, the 2 of them being exceptionally better than the main team.

Tom [Sniper]
Tom is one of the best soldiers in UNSC history making him a prime target for illegal augmentation but during the abduction he escaped and tries to reconnect with his team.

Dickby [Basic Soldier and resident idiot]
Dickby is the resident idiot of the squad who drove himself to this level of stupidity by constantly teleporting himself and messing with his brain.

Tony [An elite who became friends with the squad]
Tony is an elite who became friends with the squad after he stowed away on the squads Pelican, the UNSC didn't realize this until the reserves started to uncover the secrets of the augmentations

Tyrone [The deformed clone of Tony]
Tyrone came to be when Tony went through the teleporter and it glitched causing a clone, who is different from Tony in nearly every way

Hannibal [The teams AI]
Hannibal was gifted to the team by a mysterious sender in the form of a tank who aids the team in exposing the UNSC

The reserve team realize that the UNSC is doing these things when Tom tries to communicate with the team telling them he's alive and it was the UNSC, the series follows them as they try to find Tom and as a result the main team are called in to keep an eye on them.
The main team have all been augmented and are all participants in the abduction of soldiers who stand out.
The Main team is as followed:

Colonel Straker [Main team leader]
Colonel Straker is the leader of the main team who are sent to make sure that the reserves don't uncover the secrets as he carries out abductions of soldiers

O.D.I.N. [Main teams AI]
O.D.I.N. is the combination of a living forerunners brain and the mind of a psychopath who was gifted to Straker when he started helping the corrupt leaders of the UNSC

John [Heavy weapons]
John is the heavy weapons of the main squad and was also the first of them to undergo augmentation.

Simon [Medic]
Simon is the medic of the main team who was the orchestrator of the fake second human covenant war.

Jess [Intelligence]
Jess is the smartest of her squad but is constantly looked down upon and mistreated by her squad which leads to her inevitable betrayal of Straker. 

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