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About Remote Angel Webtoon Comic Dub


Welcome, everyone! This is a casting call for our ongoing webtoon, Remote Angel!

Plot: After a freak accident of an attempted assault, Alice Desangi wakes up in a different apocalyptic universe. Gifted with mysterious powers of an earth angel, she dies in unfortunate occurrences. She wakes up to relive that day again in a confused manner. Depending on her choices, they could change history. 

Genres: Romance, apocalyptic, drama, fantasy, action, and slight horror and psychological thriller.  

We were looking for ways to expand our webtoon story. We thought of an option to have our comic dubbed while we edit video uploads for it.

We have main, side, and minor characters in this story that would need voice acting done.

This project will be ongoing as the webtoon is also ongoing.

This is currently an unpaid acting, but if Remote Angel reaches to the point where we get ad revenue.. Payments may come in the future. All actors will be listed in each youtube video upload of link(s) they desire in description and credits.

We expect everyone who enters for these roles to be committed to the project. We will add future roles for the story since there are more supporting characters that haven't appeared yet.

Watch our explainer video for more information!


February 26th update: Auditions are closed. We'll be adding more roles in the future. The current deadlines listed are for the voice actors only for episode scripts.
We'll have a second deadline once more characters are added.
Deadlines will be extended every time a new role is added.
Deadlines will come into batches and will be discussed through roles who were accepted. Pay no mind to this project's deadline.


We can communicate by email, discord, Twitter or Instagram. Be dedicated for this being a long term project if you accept a big role.
We will have our own private dedicated discord server to meet with other actors and announcements.
Video uploads will be slow as I am working on 4 webtoons. I would aim to do monthly video uploads.
The videos will correspond with each webtoon update.
Example: First video will only dub the first update of the webtoon.
So on and so forth.

What we ask of you?
Recordings must sound clean. No background noise.
You may add effects to your lines if the character is a dethyx.
You may send multiple lines of your best takes.
Please save as a .wav to our email address we provide.
Don't be upset if you aren't chosen.
Fast communication. At least respond within a week.
Even though we're planning to do monthly video uploads, we want to be ahead of  schedule. Meaning, have all your lines ready even for future videos.

About the Creator: yennie-fer

—————◦°•✩•°◦ —————⋆

Hello! I'm Yennie Fer! My co-writer, Banunu and I have written multiple stories together. 

I have a youtube channel (nearly 7k at the moment) that was a storytime channel. I'd love to use my existing webtoon artwork to bring our characters to life. We hope in the future to bring our other webtoons to be dubbed.

—————◦°•✩•°◦ —————⋆


Remote Angel Webtoon

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