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About ZeroSbr

ZeroSbr is a new Voice Actor eager to delve into the industry! Feel free to message him here about anything VA/VO related!

ZeroSbr (not his real name, in case you had doubts) has a baritone voice (range is two and a fifth octaves) with a passion for singing as well as acting, both voice and stage. He always admired sly, confident characters in media, and loves performing as them.

ZeroSbr is also a practicing Catholic, and is therefore not keen on using profane language for any project, though there are exceptions. Projects/roles containing profanity will be accepted or rejected on a case by case basis. Please keep this in mind for inquiries. 

Demos & Samples

May 2021 Demo

  • @mrcharles

    Swell guy. Always respectful and has a really positive attitude. We had great fun together on the Fate/Stay Night project. He's got this super bassy voice when you first meet him - but you'll soon discover he's got great talent and loads of range. Couldn't recommend him enough.