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About (Undertale AU) Reefertale [READ THE DESCRIPTION] (ALL ROLES TAKEN)

What exactly is this project?
This project is an Undertale AU by age122 (on Tumblr). 

The story goes, Chara falls down as per normal, Asriel finds them (preferably a female), and it started to get everybody high down in the Underground. In return, everybody in the underground except for Frisk is high. This is a true pacifist run and I will need help with this project by everyone who commits to it. 

A fandub series on YouTube?
Yes, it is a fandub, but no it will not be a series. I will only be making one whole video (unless I have other obstacles in the way and I may only do a few)

How long is the intended final product?
I have no idea, it depends on the future.

How fast do you require actors turnaround time to be?
I have no idea when this will be finished, it depends on when you finish your lines.
And every actor has exactly one whole month (31 days) until the due date is done for their lines.

Roles taken:


- You'll need to be at least 13+ to audition (because this Au has drug use)

- The microphone is recommended to be clear, but this is just for fun anyways and you don't need a fantastic microphone. As long as you have very little background noise, it is alright with me.

- You must have a Discord (or before you do an audition, please get a discord!), if you get cast for a role, you will get an invite to the discord server within 24 hours (if not, please message me!) If you would like to join by the way to see how we do things or meet any of the cast (which will be soon within Christmas times), here is the Discord server! IF YOU ARE CAST  JOIN THIS SERVER! (Like before, even if you're not, come join the fun >3<)

- Be nice to anybody on the server and reliable. I trust you to be respectful towards me and the other director who will be managing the roles, kicking, and any banning.

- If it is a one-liner, please send your Youtube in the comments.

- Please have fun! I wish you the best this month and have a great Christmas too!

Due to Christmas coming so close yet so far! I will double cast for only a few people since I do not have may auditions. Thank you!

About the Creator: saltedvoices



Roles so far:
Ruby/Rubies (Steven Universe Fandub of "Hit the Diamond")  [Final]
Tweek Tweak (The Stick of Truth Fandub)  [IDone]
Enderman Pirate Captain (Pilot Episode: Minecraft Animated) [Final]

One of my most upvoted (Steven Universe) auditions:

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