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About Project Island - LEGO® Island fangame


Project Island is a game based on the LEGO Island series.

In the action-adventure LEGO Island series, you play as the skating pizza delivery boy Pepper Roni, and get to do all kinds of missions, venture on great adventures. From jetski'ing to racing, throwing pizza's in robots faces, exploring a desert temple, starring in a stunt movie: Pepper has done it all! The game was praised for it's quirky humour, customizable 3D environment, and it's high interactivity. We're out to continue the fun, and let the player create it's own adventure and dig even deeper into Pepper's past.

The game is all about adventure, exploring, shaping your own path and finding out more about the characters on the island. Customization and interaction is a big deal with it, in a quirky and fun package all ages can enjoy.

The original trilogy is well loved by the community, but we felt it could use more love. This year, the game will have it's 20th anniversary - the perfect opportunity to make that happen! With modern graphics, re-orchestrated music, and your voice to bring life to the characters, the world will love Pepper Roni once again.

The game will be launched from our own website for free and will include a page showcasing everyone who helped out.

Learn more at


-This cast is for both the animated shorts and the game itself. There will be follow-ups.
-You need to have a decent microphone. This is a very standard requirement, but if you have a good voice, but the sound quality is subpar we might not be able to use it. Still feel free to audition, since audio can occasionally be fixed, or you can be an inspiration to others.

The casting will go in a few phases depending on if the characters appear in any additional content like animation outside the main game. An update to the casting call will be submitted when that is and there will be a change in the roles available, some will go and others will come.

Please feel free to send a message with any questions you have, or you want to join in the project but don't fit in any of the current roles.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold