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About Electricstar

Real name: Doug Drury... no, I am not a superhero's secret identity.

I've been voice acting since May of 2009 and have amassed a respectable amount of roles under my belt; from Death Battle to The Gmod Idiot Box. I'd love nothing more than to become a professional Voice Actor.

When i'm not voice acting, I'm usually animating and/or editing together videos for Ze Pyromancers.

I am also part of the Project Island development team as a voice actor, writer, designer, video editor, and talent scout.

2019 gave me my first official video game role, and thankfully I've landed more roles such as this as I slowly etch closer to this insane world I oh-so creatively call, "the world of voice acting". Indeed there is more to come.

  • @joel-marsh

    Looking forward to working with Doug again! He was swift and his lines were perfect!

  • @gerrit

    Very quick delivery, great audio quality, and the lines were great!

  • @fullmetalraz

    Very fast delivery on lines and lots of positive energy and excellent sound quality! Very funny voice range. I look forward to working with them in the future!

  • @jabjab67

    His speed when turning in his lines combined with wonderful quality and performance makes him a wonderful team member who takes care in triple checking his work, even going the extra mile to ask if he should do any retakes. I would gladly take him on any project. If you're a director and reading this: cast this man! And give him a raise too!

  • @sairren37

    Provided the lines for the Alchemist, Bishop, Cultist 2, and Cultist 3 for episode 2 of Drunks & Fanatics as well as provided last minute additions that were not on script for a scene and it was all fantastically executed. I recommend him highly and hope to work with him again. The lines he sent were all of high quality and turned in on time.

  • @devstar2000

    I haven't even finished my animation yet and I feel compelled to give Electricstar a recommendation right now. I sent him his script and, not even 10 minutes later, he sends back an audio file of his excellent voice work with multiple takes. If that's not a sign of an amazing voice artist, then I don't know what is!

  • @occultoperations

    Electricstar was amazing to work with! They are prompt and took direction extremely well. Easy to get in touch with them. We will definitely be contacting them again for future projects. :)

  • @nerdybird-studios

    It was a great privilege to have Electric Star voice several characters in my Project, he’s a truly impressive VA and I was very impressed at the lines he delivered, he has a fantastic range! He was professional and supportive throughout, and always delivered his lines in a timely manner. I recommend you consider him for your project too!
    Thanks again, Electric Star!

  • @reallolattack

    Electricstar is both a seriously funny dude and an amazingly talented voice actor. Working with him has been nothing but bliss, and he delivered his lines quickly and efficiently. He provided a considerable amount of life into an already lively character and we cannot wait to reveal his talent to my YouTube channel. We'll definitely be working with him again in the future.

  • @kof_digital

    Cast right from audition! Great work! Talented actor! Highly recommend! 

  • @alister707

    I'm currently working on my first college shortfilm animation and he was splendid  and kind to work with, he answered quite fast and sended me multiple takes, so if you're reading this as a reference to contact him or not, Do it! He won't disapoint you.