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About michaelpotok

Who are you?

My name is Michael John Potok. Most folks call me Reno.
I was born September 29th 1994, and I died [somebody else fills this in]

I am a Pennsylvania based actor. Previously represented by Mike Lemon Casting, I am currently working as a freelance actor, lending my voice (and face) to a number of productions, including short films, comedy sketches, animations, video games, commercials, audio books and industrial videos.

Why acting?

My interest in the world of entertainment started at the young age of 4, when I saw my first R-rated movie, Sleepy Hollow. Since then, I've always enjoyed telling stories. I suppose that's my favorite part of the process is being part of a story, be it a story of my own design, or someone else's.

Do to difficulties with arranging transportation, I was never able to participate in any film or drama clubs growing up, but I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to entertain. And I wouldn't be stopped.

My first taste of entertaining people with my voice started in fourth grade, when I would constantly be sent to the principal's office for reciting the South Park movie, in every character's voice, during lunchtime for my friends. It got me in a lot of trouble back then, but the smiles and laughter made it all worth it. I was doing what I loved.

In 2010, I found a casting call for something on YouTube. Don't even remember what it was, but I took my dad's laptop, opened up Windows Movie Maker, and recorded my very first audition. That project never came out, but after that audition, I never stopped.

I've been acting for eight years now, and I can't imagine taking any other path in life.

What do you specialize in?

I suppose going back as far as my early acting roles, I typically specialize in the "guy next door" type roles. Voice-wise, anyway. Though I'm no stranger to both heroic and antagonistic roles.

Give me a character and I'll work with it.

Why hire you?

Cause I'm the man.